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Skudai is a town in Johor that is quite near to Singapore.
It is a very familiar town for me cause i had been there for >10 times since secondary school, since my brother started to work there, since my mum started to go there for training, and since my church started to join SOM.

Ok this is the church.

Skudai Harvest Church

and the Senior pastor of the church *Respect respect!!*

The bus, i mean the bus that we used to travel for the 4 days there. I like the plate no of the bus.

This is the most lovable n cutest n most restless member of the trip!


His name is Lee Hom, and i hope he will be as famous as WangLeeHom in future cause he is so super cute lar...and I m so glad that he is sitting in front of me in the bus esp when he entertain us when we r so tire......lol

and performing when we r sick of waiting in the hotel lobby.

I love his sister too, which i dont mind having a daughter like her in future, she is my church piano student too - Geok Er

I miss her lovable smile n sweet voice n she is so charming lar!!!!

There is alot of pretty girls in my church,

Too much that u cant tell who is the prettiest.

Photos. There's alot i know.

Believe or not, our age range from 13-35.

There is always no harm taking photo of pretty girl, this Geok San n my mirror

YamCha time during free time, that's Geok Chee

The posing princess

2 rebellion-age group guys + 2 college-aged girls : Jia Jun - Wayne Ern - Qian Yi - Chee Wei

The more mature one : Xin Yi - Ai Yue - Ps Jo Jia, can u guess how old is their children?!

The father n son photo

My bus-mate, cause she sit besides me in the bus for the 4 days! Qian Hui - Xin Yi

My family photos taken in church

The first day, ok i dont even have chance to talk to my brother at that time, cause he is too busy, so he is not in the photo.

My DEAREST parents!! They r sitting at the first row cause they r wearing red-coloured tag!

The Last day, my dear brother still so busy so not in the photo again.

Me n my daddy photo!

Grand Dinner on the 3rd night when we r in Skudai,
here's the photos taken there.

I told Geok Chee i m taking random photo so please dont pose but she still........

The gentlemen

The bunch of guys behind is my sister's Sungai Petani friends.
Talking about them i really want to shoot their thickface-ness cause they told me initially they just want to stand there pose n c which random photographer decided to ask them to take photos for them..n unfortunately enough, i walk pass there with my sister n randomly suggested my sister to take a photo with them since they know each other, so the guys felt very happy after taking the photos with us, cause they think they r so popular..=_=lll So i decided to ignore them for the rest of the day!!!

Me + Xin Yi

Ps Jo Jia + Geok San

Me + Geok San

Ok, they r mother n daughter, really!! Ps Jo Jia + Wayne Ern

The pretty girls group...lol.

Since my brother is only free during that grand dinner,

so my sister finally pull him into our family photo

My Siblings, i still dont understand why m i the shortest among 3 of us.

Me n my pretty sister

The dinner

Sisters : Geok San + Geok Er

Qian Jin my secondary school classmate - Hui Qian (Yes he has the terbalik name of mine) - Chee Wei - Qian Yi - Me

The two pretty girls

Cause i think they r very pretty, so i dont mind upload their photo again...

See my brother hugging my mum!!

The preforming guest of the night,


He is from CHC KL

Since he is a celebrity, so no harm taking photo with him. Thanks QianJin for teman-ing me lar..=)

The bday surprise at night...

it's LeeHom mum's bday so we sneaked into her hotel room with the cake!

The last day of our trip in Skudai is a rainny day.

But this does not stop the group from going shopping before heading back to Perak.

Geok Chi

Ai yue n her son n daughter

Me n my sister in front of the giant christmas tree, i still love the super giant christmas tree in front of Pavillion!!!


Group Photo

I love the trip except something happen in the middle, but overall is not bad. ^_^

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