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Online shopping

First of all, for my dear sister who still waiting for me to upload the Skudai trip photos, i promise i will upload it soon, probably next post ok....so sorry for keeping u waiting...

Well, let's talk about online shopping, cause this has become a trend among so many of us.
Peiwen blog about this one month ago,
Marissa have been telling this me for zillion times since she first started,
Few of my other friends oso told me that they shop from online shops,
even Chloe suggested me go online shop see see when i told her it's time for me to change a bag...
and thanks to Rachel for giving me this super cool site that have so many nice n not-so-expensive bags...=)

Since i m abit free on this morning when i m suppose to do something productive *ahem ahem* at home...i went online window-shopping for bags. These r bags that i found it nice! But i didnt buy lar...wait until i really desperate for bag then just go spend money lar...which i think will take another gillion years oso...
Because for me, a bag >RM35 is Expensive, a bag >RM60 is SUPER Expensive, a bag >RM100 is IMPOSSIBLE for me to buy.

Code 365 from Eye Catcher, nice rite, my favourite and so far the cheapest..haha...

Code 1696 from Eye Catcher, quite nice oso.

Code 101 from Eye Catcher, price RM50, so dont think i will even consider this bag.

Code 552 from Eye Catcher, price RM50 too...OMG i m like advertising for the online shop edy...i should stop that since i m not paid to do so ok!!

Next let's show some SUPER expensive bags,
but it's branded, so my definition of expensive bag is not applicable here,
in fact it's cheap....

Juicy Couture bag from amodelxcess RM88 - it's JUICY COUTURE!!!!

Another one, Juicy Couture's bag, my 2nd favourite, but it's RM88...
Maybe i should put this into my Christmas or Birthday wishlist so probably Santa Clause suddenly realize that he had not been giving me any christmas present for these past few years edy, therefore he decided to deliver this bag to me during Christmas!!! I am applying Dr Yadav positive thinking mindset ok....he teach us this during the selective....lol

The other bags are nice, but the prices are nice too...=_=lll
Got from various online shops.

Lastly one comment that i wana make after surfing thru the online shops for bag,
half or atleast 1/3 of it are selling Coach bags........ok it's COACH bag...and imagine Coach bag for an university student....unless i got a super rich father or Santa Clause suddenly have mercy on me or i found a Edward Cullen-like bf lar.

Coach bag from mylilshoppe...RM730

Till then.

....Vietnam photo - Skudai photo - blah blah blah procrastinating photos soon....

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