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Of flags n cake

I wanted to upload photos of Vietnam here, but dono why still havent have the mood to blog about it..
these are some of the nice captions there.
me in one of the Vietnam Restaurant. =)

Sunset in Vietnam!!

Taking photo in the plane cause too boring...
Malaysia, view from plane.

Today is my last day of Selective!!!! So happy cause now i no need to worry about wrting at least one reflection every 3-4 days, and write something on the online discussion forum, and doing the forever-non-ending presentation...
And a BIG thanks to Marissa cause she help me edit ALL my reflections and check through it before i submit...lol, what to do, when ur English is not good, u got to get someone to help....

My group members! Group 6 : Dulanthi - Qian Hui - Lalijah - Kher Lik
I dono where is Nicholas when we take the photo, so he is missing from this photo.

Photos taken when we busy doing the presentation.
Actually i have one confession : I didnt contribute much to the group.
1st day of the shooting, i was in Vietnam,
2nd day of the shooting, i was quite blur of the whole presentation cause i just came back from holiday,
3rd day of shooting, i was abit alert but cause they edy finish most of the scene, so my involvement is not require also.
And when come to video editing, cause we can only do on one laptope, so my role is just sit there n watch the "super-perfectionist" Kherlik finish everything. I think at least i got show some moral support lar...although i was msn-ing n facebook-ing most of the time. >_< I m a terrible groupmate then.
Btw, my presentation evaluator is Tan Sri Abu Bakar, the founder n president of IMU!!!

Our powerpoint presentation that i can proudly say i did half of it. =_=lll

Oh well since we are so good(?!), our selective coordinator Miss Sheba decided to buy us a cake during the last day of our selective...
Miss Sheba n the cake, thanks so much teacher!!!!!!

Finally our group photo! Not everyone was there cause not everyone is willing to stay until 5.30pm for the presentation.

This is Vietnam flag...
Do u know how hard is it to get a flag as souvenir in Vietnam!!!!!!!

Thanks to Soh Si Ling keep reminding me to get her a flag from Vietnam... I think this is the MOST expensive n valuable thing i got from Vietnam, so i rather buy two, keep one for myself oso.
Because in order to get this flag, i keep on asking the tour guide to find me one. But on the first day, he told me the flag only sell during their National Day or if there's any special event. So the 2nd day i ask again, he say he will try bring me to buy, the 3rd day i ask he ask me go look around myself at the shops when i go shopping with the groups, the 4th day which is the day before i fly back to Msia, i ask again, and he finally cannot tahan so ask me follow him when we go shopping, and bring me to a small shop at the roadside n finally i got the flag!!!!!

Si Ling n Me with the so-difficult-to-find flag! I told her the Kastam scanned the flag in my luggage n think that i m communist, so they stop me there!!!! My theory could be correct....lol.

I like the flag now lar....!!

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