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I like December!! cause lots of sweet memory in my life happen in this month...esp with my family n friends. :) And it's CHRISTMAS time ...+ my bday month!!!
Christmas Deco in MidValley, i dont quite like the circus theme...
In IOI Mall

Went Christmas Caroling yesterday...fun + tire. :)
Random photo with chloe during our free time....
Chloe at the left + Qian Hui at the right = Nice photo!

Qian Hui at the left + Chloe at the right = Not so nice photo!! lol

Anyway, i m back to my beloved hometown, without missing the bus!! *proud of myself*
But i cant believe i actually cannot recognize the road of my hometown cause upon reaching Sitiawan, i call my dad n tell him the bus is going to a wrong way...3 min later...i just realize that's actually is the correct way to my hometown. =_=lll
No, the road doesnt change at all, i m the road blind then.

Oh ya, i always have some things to complain about when i took a bus to go back hometown, no exception this time,
1st the bus driver come late, so the passengers have to wait n wait for him...and start the journey late.
2nd the 2 non-chinese kids sitting in front of me talked non-stop-ly + loudly to each other n to their mum throughout the whole journey, make me cannot sleep
and dream of Edward Cullen...so annoying!!!
3rd the bus stop at one ulu place n the bus driver suddenly get out of the bus to dono where, which make me panic for 5 min...but luckily he came back to the bus and continue the journey...

Camwhore photos in the bus. =.= Say Cheeeeeeesee....

I actually hope my hair will grow faster so i can cut off all my blonde hair n regain my black n natural hair!!!!

I like the chocolate cake!!!
~HEARTS~ to Marissa, Cindy, Lynda, Amy and Chloe!!!!

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