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Christmas - in Sg!!

Christmas day is to celebrate the birth of Jesus,
therefore, the most suitable place to celebrate Christmas is no other than Church!!
And as expected enough, i celebrate this year christmas in church again, but this time not my own church, cause i m celebrating in ...
City Harvest Church Singapore!!!!

Which the celebration held in Singapore EXPO!!

Me n my sister. =)

The production....it is so superly extremely WELL DONE!!!!! U should watch it online at CHC website!!!!

Clockwise : In the EXPO - Hall 8, the stage, my sister, and i caught one of the pastor talking to my parents.

Family photo.

With some of NGHC church members.

We do went Orchard Road on that day..
Can u see it's so so so crowded!!!! sigh, i agree with my friend that told me that i will regret for going Sg on Christmas day. It's so tiring to walk pass the crowded street, esp after a sleepless night on the bus...

Anyway do take some interesting photos there, will upload next time lar, mean while, let's show this...
This reminds me of my birthday cake on the christmas party...and i m turning 21st soon. feel old now..

Mr Time, can u PLEASE slow down a little bit......=(

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Sky2404 said...

Wow,so gd~Cn go Singapore celebrate xmas~

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