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Christmas - in Sg Part 2

25Dec, i was in Singapore.
Here, the photos...There isn't any traffic jam when we went there.

Went walk walk after church, because it's quite wasted if we come all the way to Singapore just for the church celebration...
Orchard Road

The Coca-cola pyramid...!!

Still in Orchard Road, aiya this the only place we went lar actually, cause really very tire, n we oso have no idea on where to go...

The deco of the booth at the roadside is very nice!

Inside a shopping complex like Pavilion, and i saw the long queue kennysia.com blog about there. I dono why oso. Not interested cause i was grew up with the mindset that buying branded stuff is a waste of money. Typical CINA school student i know. @_@

My dear sister, pretty leh... ^_^

Family Photo @ Orchard Road

The owner of this shop is a very famous person, if you are a Christian you will probably know him, or at least his church...guess lar.

Went to another shopping mall, i cant remember the name of the mall edy...cause they want to buy clothes from the shop own by a pastor... Ok, i tell you the clothes there is SUPERRRR expensive.

Lastly, before i end...
Good tidings we bring, to you n your kins.......We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! =)

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