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1st Dec

Cant believe we already reach the last month of Year 2008!!!!!!

Well, it had been a real hectic day,
1st. result is out today, somehow felt so nervous the whole day. but ok now.
2nd. i dono my selective group presentation things totally change n we need to go places outside from IMU to interview ppl. Really tiring.
3rd. that presentation video shooting n editing part is killing my time n energy!!!!
4th. my dad knows that i went out with friends too much recently so i kena another few min lectures by him in the middle of the night...
5th. my head is so pain now...dono why.

Anyway, nvr hope to start the first day of last month of december this way!!
But thanks to chin nam show me this picture, the moon n star tonight is signalling us to be happy.
So i should be happy. =)

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