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Reach Vietnam yesterday, so much to talk about, but sigh.......

Actually is quite fun, i mean the places visited n the whole tour, ya, i have a good tour guide, that have lots of LAME joke...but the person i travel with is the most disappointed part. Just imagine travel around with a bunch of ppl that not from ur age group n of different world, felt isolated sometime...

Anyway, my maxis no cannot be used here, and because the electricity plug here is different from M'sia, therefore, my samsung hp die off AGAIN in overseas...sigh..
Luckily i have one digi no to used here...
And there is no internet connection for me here actually, now using the hotel lobby computer to blog n check mails.....

Ok ok i think that's all i could say here, m safe n healthy here, still struggle with time lag although the time here only late one hour from M'sia..

Till then.

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