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Vietnam 2

It's already Friday...!! means i had been in vietnam for 3 days, going to attend the wedding tomorow at a small town...but dont worry, i wont bring back any parasit infection ok!!!!!!!!

Well, so far in Vietnam is quite ok lar,
My tour guide come out with this 3 conclusion after following us around for 3 days:
1. We loves Vietnam RICE.
2. Our main purpose here is not wedding, but to shopping.
3. Our bargain skill can be recorded into Vietnam Guinness record.
Ok, the OUR/WE not including me ok, i didnt shop like those ppl in our trip, cause no $$ lar, i only got Ringgit Malaysia, but the things here count in either Vietnam Dong or US Dollar. Ohya, RM1 = 4000 Vietnam Dong, so my mum is millionaire here!!! lol.

Talk about Vietnam,
1. The weather here is very nice! i love it, like Cameron weather...
2. The traffic here is SCARY, no one abide to the rule. Alot of motorcycle here, and i tell u i really really seriously want to salute the motorcyclist here, cause they skill is super good in order to survive in such a scary road!!!
3. The ppl here is very gentle n friendly, i met some who talk to me in a very nice way!
4. The food here is the same everyday, which kind of boring, i miss malaysian food! Oh, the coffee here is nice!

Okok, i should stop now, Vietnam ppl no night life, so i should go to bed early..
Till then.

Really really miss all of u guys lar!!!!!!!!

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