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Because i told myself not to blog unless i finish studying, and not to go online unless i finish AIR topic (aka assignment). So my blog is not being update for quite sometime. >.<

Well, finally,
AIR topic finished n submitted on Monday,
Studying......er still going on. Ok, i didnt kept the promise cause i blog even i know that i need to study MORE!!!! and now i m suppose to do my PBL in school but i still blog using school PC. *slap myself*
Quite sleepy this few days due to the weird sleeping rhythm and those mid-night sms and call. Ok, actually i should be thankful that someone msg me at mid-night to ask me wake up study, so now u know how serious our STRESS condition is until we wake each other up to study.......=_=lll

And for those sem 2 who just finish their End Of Semester exam yesterday, felt happy for them, they deserve the holiday. As for me, i think i deserve a good rest after exam....perhaps?!

Ok, this photo taken when i m really really stress, nice sunset make my day. :)

Ok i should continue my last PBL before proceeding to study study n STUDDYYYY!!!!!!

Ps: I label this post Emo, so just ignore the rants and enjoy the sunset view.

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