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Post exam

I know i never write in this blog for quite some time edy, actually got alot of thing to write, just ....... dono lar, my head very pain now.....!!!!

Ok, i finally finish the Endo + Repro + Renal system course exam on friday.
and i dono the headache is due to sleep deprivation or study make my brain cells exhausted...?? Whatever lar.

Went GP posting this morning, ok, let me explain why m i doing GP posting so damn early....

actually my scheduled GP posting is 8-12Dec, but because i already promise my parents i m going to Skudai, Johor with them on 8-11Dec, so i decided to self-shift my posting to 15-19DECEMBER.
But when i go find my hometown GP, the one that i always loiter in his clinic during my holiday, his wife who is oso a doctor in the clinic told me that my GP cant accept any students at this moment of time, due to some private reason.

So i decided to SMS my dear SiewKim to ask whether i can do GP posting with her in KL, and she told me ok and ask me when is our GP posting, so i sms her the date...15-19NOVEMBER....
without realizing i wrongly type the date...>_<

Then when SiewKim finally told her GP about our posting n confirm the date, she ask me again, izit 15-19NOVEMBER...and suddenly i realize about my blurness ie givng her the wrong date. But that time she already told the GP our posting date.

That's why...
i m doing my GP posting on the morning straight after my exam,and during the 1st week of our scheduled Selective.
......in stead of the scheduled time in DECEMBER..

Ok, actually is all my fault, so sorry my dear Siew Kim mie....

Well, and for the Selective, i actually have no idea on what will English Literature in Medicine turn out to be like?
And seriously my worst subject throughout my secondary school is English despite my mum used to be an English teacher....
and all the while my English result will never beat my Chinese result, except in SPM!! Ok, i still hate the A2 of BCina in my SPM result slip!!!
Anyway, i just hope i can cope with this selective lar.

Another thing, unofficially, i finish sem 4 and when i think of sem 5, i felt scare.
Dono, maybe because of the 10 systems EOS 5 that i never ever dare to think about it before this.....and the seperation of some my batchmates after sem 5.....
Haiz, time really really flies...without us realizing it!!!!

Ok, guess i should stop here, this weekend is really a hectic one, but without exam stress and i kind of enjoy it!!!


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