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I need sleep!!

One week just pass by,
still remember last saturday i spend whole day in the GP clinic, then go church at night, it's just a simple day...

After that, selective start, the whole selective week is suppose to be very free actually, but because i got GP posting in the afternoon, so quite tiring oso.
And due to the addiction on msn-ing at night, i get sleep deprivation again....
Well, i think that's because i had not msn-ing for like 2 weeks due to the exam. >.<

It's YEEN bday today, just came back from that, kinda like the whole celebration! And really salute her parents for throwing her such great 21st party!!!!

Ok i dono why so late edy i still want to blog. Sigh......
This the picture taken on our exam day, the first time i saw RAINBOW in KL. Nice!!!

Till then.

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