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After 2 and half years living with my favourite phone, Samsung E770...
which i never think of changing it..
Finally the keypad broke down, at first it's just the side control pad, later the main keypad drop off too....so now the only key that i can use properly is the number keypad. Oh, the hp still looks good in condition, but the typing msg part is abit difficult for me now.

Therefore had been trying to look up for hp, but since my hp still look good, so dont think i will change it till next year....>.<

Anyway since i talk about hp, just upload some nice nice hp photo here...

My hp chosing criteria:
First -- Clampshell!!!!

So far the only 2 hp i had ever had is all clampshell Samsung phone, because it's nice! Ok, the 2 hps in the photo are not my hp, just they look nice cause it's clampshell.

Second - Samsung phone!

The only clampshell Nokia phone that looks good to me, Nokia N76, but since it's not Samsung phone....@_@ Anyway, i heard it's out of stock in most of the nokia shop in Malaysia now.

Third - silver o black colour...

This is Samsung U900, it has all the function that i look for in a perfect hp, but it's a sliding phone...The purplish pink colour look nice but i will never carry a pink colour hp!!!

So, for now, the hp that i really really really hope i can own in future is
- Samsung G400
Its clampshell + Samsung phone + Black colour. It has all the function that i look for too!!! Er, but the price is very nice. lolz @_@

So I wish lar.......

Ohya, today is my housemate 20th bday, so i wish Chee Leong HAPPY BIRTHDAY here!!!! =)

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