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Back + tagged

Back to Malaysia this afternoon.
And realize i still got
one more reflection havent write,
one group presentation havent done,
and the online discussion havent go comment,
one discussion video havent go watch,
internet bill havent pay,
loads of clothes havent iron + washed,
room still havent clean,
and ....................

okok, enough playing n enjoying in Vietnam, it's time to come back to reality cause i m not on holiday now actually, although i act like one. >_<

Ohya, i should be thankful for can come back to Malaysia ok!! cause i kena stop in Vietnam kastam this morning, and that guard keep suspecting i m a smuggler because they scan something weird in my luggage. So i was called into the checking room, ALONE, and open up my luggage for that guard to check.

The funny thing is that guard keep asking me unrelated things in that room.

First he ask me about my age, which i really think that's not related.
Second he ask me go help him open the door for another worker to come in.
Third he ask me am i married, which i really dont feel like answering.
Forth he ask me to give him my passport but when i tell him i didnt bring the passport along to the room he say nevermind...
After all those nonsence he ask me to open the luggage, and ask me again "u really not married ar?!" =_=lll

Then he look at me from head to toe as if i m a smuggler before checking my luggage, and he is quite upset when he didnt find weird things in my bag. So he make some phone call n talk talk talk....n give me some funny looking expression there...
that time i really really felt scared edy, cause he is talking in Vietnam language n i dont understand anything.
In the end he smile at me n ask me to close my bag. I felt relieved n want to leave the room as soon as possible, but he dont want open door for me.

After he make sure i m done with everything n waiting to go out, he ask about my age n marital status again.....!!! OMG, can i just sue him for being so unprofessional!!!!

Anyway, i didnt smuggle anything from vietnam n i m safe n clean n set free from the checking room!!

Photos of Vietnam will post up soon, when i more free...which i think will take forever, hope not lar!!!

Another thing, been tagged by Rudy (aka JJ), but i dont play tag, so sorry Rudy.
Anyway, let me answer some boring questions here just to give face to him lar...since he so willing to be my SP!!
1. Do you think your hot?
5. What was the last song you listened to?
Wo bu pei
6. What are you doing right now besides this?
msn-ing...OMG, i should be writing my reflection actually!!!!

Ok, i m very boring i know..but very glad i m back to Malaysia!!!!!!

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