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After few days staying alone in the house n being nomad some for some days.....ie sleep in others house....finally my housemate back to KL...=)

Well, selective should be quite fun.
But because is ENGLISH LITERATURE........so, i really dono how to describe my feeling towards it.
Some my friends give me a glare when i told them the selective is boring, and mian li told me stop complaining about my selective choice in front of dianaseah cause she is so so so willing to change selective option with me if i want to.
So, i should say actually english literature is fun! But i know i lie.
Just regret for not learning my English well during my secondary school days, and didnt read alot of english story book back then.
The last English book that i can proudly say i finished it in 2 days is DaVinciCode, which i read before i start Form 6, it's damn long ago i know. And i never touch English story books after that.

Now for selective sake, i read literature short story again....and the poem that i forever cant understand again, and need to watch a literature-related movie tomorow...oh i cant believe i actually did that...

Anyway, this is selective, part of my uni curiculum, part of my journey to become a doctor. =_=lll

One more thing, i finish my GP posting!!!!
After days of morning going uni for selective, afternoon go GP clinic for posting, i finally done my posting on wednesday, that's why we spent the whole afternoon in Sunway Pyramid on thursday......to release stress after the hectic week of selective n posting!!!!
Thanks siewkim n chloe, i m actually quite happy with our achievement today!!! =)

Till then, i should get more sleep now.......

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