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I should be happy now, cause i m going to VIETNAM soon!!!!!
It's not a mission trip ok, alot of ppl had ask me the same question.
It's just a tour to visit that country n attend a wedding there n to used up my passport space since it's going to be expired next year...lolz.

I like to go for tour, because can play.
But i hate packing my stuff.

Already finish packing all my stuff to the Vietnam trip.
Just hope that my daddy is with me now cause previously everytime i go travel my dad will do the final packing for me, and he will throw up whatever rubbish i had packed n maximize the space of my bag so i can bring other useful things...
This time i m going from KL, so had to do everything by myself.....haiz....

Ok, i pray that there is good internet connection in Vietnam so i wont be so ketinggalan n boring there lar. Cause i cant predict what i will get there, n i dont even know who is going with me except my mum. Sigh, the consequence of promise mum go tour with her...

Anyway, gonna miss all my friends there! Wish me a safe journey there lar...^_^

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