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Back to Malaysia this afternoon.
And realize i still got
one more reflection havent write,
one group presentation havent done,
and the online discussion havent go comment,
one discussion video havent go watch,
internet bill havent pay,
loads of clothes havent iron + washed,
room still havent clean,
and ....................

okok, enough playing n enjoying in Vietnam, it's time to come back to reality cause i m not on holiday now actually, although i act like one. >_<

Ohya, i should be thankful for can come back to Malaysia ok!! cause i kena stop in Vietnam kastam this morning, and that guard keep suspecting i m a smuggler because they scan something weird in my luggage. So i was called into the checking room, ALONE, and open up my luggage for that guard to check.

The funny thing is that guard keep asking me unrelated things in that room.

First he ask me about my age, which i really think that's not related.
Second he ask me go help him open the door for another worker to come in.
Third he ask me am i married, which i really dont feel like answering.
Forth he ask me to give him my passport but when i tell him i didnt bring the passport along to the room he say nevermind...
After all those nonsence he ask me to open the luggage, and ask me again "u really not married ar?!" =_=lll

Then he look at me from head to toe as if i m a smuggler before checking my luggage, and he is quite upset when he didnt find weird things in my bag. So he make some phone call n talk talk talk....n give me some funny looking expression there...
that time i really really felt scared edy, cause he is talking in Vietnam language n i dont understand anything.
In the end he smile at me n ask me to close my bag. I felt relieved n want to leave the room as soon as possible, but he dont want open door for me.

After he make sure i m done with everything n waiting to go out, he ask about my age n marital status again.....!!! OMG, can i just sue him for being so unprofessional!!!!

Anyway, i didnt smuggle anything from vietnam n i m safe n clean n set free from the checking room!!

Photos of Vietnam will post up soon, when i more free...which i think will take forever, hope not lar!!!

Another thing, been tagged by Rudy (aka JJ), but i dont play tag, so sorry Rudy.
Anyway, let me answer some boring questions here just to give face to him lar...since he so willing to be my SP!!
1. Do you think your hot?
5. What was the last song you listened to?
Wo bu pei
6. What are you doing right now besides this?
msn-ing...OMG, i should be writing my reflection actually!!!!

Ok, i m very boring i know..but very glad i m back to Malaysia!!!!!!

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Vietnam 2

It's already Friday...!! means i had been in vietnam for 3 days, going to attend the wedding tomorow at a small town...but dont worry, i wont bring back any parasit infection ok!!!!!!!!

Well, so far in Vietnam is quite ok lar,
My tour guide come out with this 3 conclusion after following us around for 3 days:
1. We loves Vietnam RICE.
2. Our main purpose here is not wedding, but to shopping.
3. Our bargain skill can be recorded into Vietnam Guinness record.
Ok, the OUR/WE not including me ok, i didnt shop like those ppl in our trip, cause no $$ lar, i only got Ringgit Malaysia, but the things here count in either Vietnam Dong or US Dollar. Ohya, RM1 = 4000 Vietnam Dong, so my mum is millionaire here!!! lol.

Talk about Vietnam,
1. The weather here is very nice! i love it, like Cameron weather...
2. The traffic here is SCARY, no one abide to the rule. Alot of motorcycle here, and i tell u i really really seriously want to salute the motorcyclist here, cause they skill is super good in order to survive in such a scary road!!!
3. The ppl here is very gentle n friendly, i met some who talk to me in a very nice way!
4. The food here is the same everyday, which kind of boring, i miss malaysian food! Oh, the coffee here is nice!

Okok, i should stop now, Vietnam ppl no night life, so i should go to bed early..
Till then.

Really really miss all of u guys lar!!!!!!!!

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Reach Vietnam yesterday, so much to talk about, but sigh.......

Actually is quite fun, i mean the places visited n the whole tour, ya, i have a good tour guide, that have lots of LAME joke...but the person i travel with is the most disappointed part. Just imagine travel around with a bunch of ppl that not from ur age group n of different world, felt isolated sometime...

Anyway, my maxis no cannot be used here, and because the electricity plug here is different from M'sia, therefore, my samsung hp die off AGAIN in overseas...sigh..
Luckily i have one digi no to used here...
And there is no internet connection for me here actually, now using the hotel lobby computer to blog n check mails.....

Ok ok i think that's all i could say here, m safe n healthy here, still struggle with time lag although the time here only late one hour from M'sia..

Till then.

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I should be happy now, cause i m going to VIETNAM soon!!!!!
It's not a mission trip ok, alot of ppl had ask me the same question.
It's just a tour to visit that country n attend a wedding there n to used up my passport space since it's going to be expired next year...lolz.

I like to go for tour, because can play.
But i hate packing my stuff.

Already finish packing all my stuff to the Vietnam trip.
Just hope that my daddy is with me now cause previously everytime i go travel my dad will do the final packing for me, and he will throw up whatever rubbish i had packed n maximize the space of my bag so i can bring other useful things...
This time i m going from KL, so had to do everything by myself.....haiz....

Ok, i pray that there is good internet connection in Vietnam so i wont be so ketinggalan n boring there lar. Cause i cant predict what i will get there, n i dont even know who is going with me except my mum. Sigh, the consequence of promise mum go tour with her...

Anyway, gonna miss all my friends there! Wish me a safe journey there lar...^_^

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I need sleep!!

One week just pass by,
still remember last saturday i spend whole day in the GP clinic, then go church at night, it's just a simple day...

After that, selective start, the whole selective week is suppose to be very free actually, but because i got GP posting in the afternoon, so quite tiring oso.
And due to the addiction on msn-ing at night, i get sleep deprivation again....
Well, i think that's because i had not msn-ing for like 2 weeks due to the exam. >.<

It's YEEN bday today, just came back from that, kinda like the whole celebration! And really salute her parents for throwing her such great 21st party!!!!

Ok i dono why so late edy i still want to blog. Sigh......
This the picture taken on our exam day, the first time i saw RAINBOW in KL. Nice!!!

Till then.

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After 2 and half years living with my favourite phone, Samsung E770...
which i never think of changing it..
Finally the keypad broke down, at first it's just the side control pad, later the main keypad drop off too....so now the only key that i can use properly is the number keypad. Oh, the hp still looks good in condition, but the typing msg part is abit difficult for me now.

Therefore had been trying to look up for hp, but since my hp still look good, so dont think i will change it till next year....>.<

Anyway since i talk about hp, just upload some nice nice hp photo here...

My hp chosing criteria:
First -- Clampshell!!!!

So far the only 2 hp i had ever had is all clampshell Samsung phone, because it's nice! Ok, the 2 hps in the photo are not my hp, just they look nice cause it's clampshell.

Second - Samsung phone!

The only clampshell Nokia phone that looks good to me, Nokia N76, but since it's not Samsung phone....@_@ Anyway, i heard it's out of stock in most of the nokia shop in Malaysia now.

Third - silver o black colour...

This is Samsung U900, it has all the function that i look for in a perfect hp, but it's a sliding phone...The purplish pink colour look nice but i will never carry a pink colour hp!!!

So, for now, the hp that i really really really hope i can own in future is
- Samsung G400
Its clampshell + Samsung phone + Black colour. It has all the function that i look for too!!! Er, but the price is very nice. lolz @_@

So I wish lar.......

Ohya, today is my housemate 20th bday, so i wish Chee Leong HAPPY BIRTHDAY here!!!! =)

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After few days staying alone in the house n being nomad some for some days.....ie sleep in others house....finally my housemate back to KL...=)

Well, selective should be quite fun.
But because is ENGLISH LITERATURE........so, i really dono how to describe my feeling towards it.
Some my friends give me a glare when i told them the selective is boring, and mian li told me stop complaining about my selective choice in front of dianaseah cause she is so so so willing to change selective option with me if i want to.
So, i should say actually english literature is fun! But i know i lie.
Just regret for not learning my English well during my secondary school days, and didnt read alot of english story book back then.
The last English book that i can proudly say i finished it in 2 days is DaVinciCode, which i read before i start Form 6, it's damn long ago i know. And i never touch English story books after that.

Now for selective sake, i read literature short story again....and the poem that i forever cant understand again, and need to watch a literature-related movie tomorow...oh i cant believe i actually did that...

Anyway, this is selective, part of my uni curiculum, part of my journey to become a doctor. =_=lll

One more thing, i finish my GP posting!!!!
After days of morning going uni for selective, afternoon go GP clinic for posting, i finally done my posting on wednesday, that's why we spent the whole afternoon in Sunway Pyramid on thursday......to release stress after the hectic week of selective n posting!!!!
Thanks siewkim n chloe, i m actually quite happy with our achievement today!!! =)

Till then, i should get more sleep now.......

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Empty house syndrome

Congrats to both my housemates that pass their EOS 2 with good grades.
Dono why they so smart one, cause they are oso known as DotA star in their batch according to my friend...lolz. Anyway, good job my dear housemates!

Amy went back to Ipoh, so i started to develop "empty house" syndrome...
Sigh, i know i m such a coward, but sometime staying alone in the room knowing that u r the only one in the house make me felt uncomfortable.

Ok, anyway, this just some thought.

Thanks my dear friend for teman me, and let me sleepover their house, rather than let me being coward alone in my house...lolz.

Very tire now. Till then. ^_^

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Post exam

I know i never write in this blog for quite some time edy, actually got alot of thing to write, just ....... dono lar, my head very pain now.....!!!!

Ok, i finally finish the Endo + Repro + Renal system course exam on friday.
and i dono the headache is due to sleep deprivation or study make my brain cells exhausted...?? Whatever lar.

Went GP posting this morning, ok, let me explain why m i doing GP posting so damn early....

actually my scheduled GP posting is 8-12Dec, but because i already promise my parents i m going to Skudai, Johor with them on 8-11Dec, so i decided to self-shift my posting to 15-19DECEMBER.
But when i go find my hometown GP, the one that i always loiter in his clinic during my holiday, his wife who is oso a doctor in the clinic told me that my GP cant accept any students at this moment of time, due to some private reason.

So i decided to SMS my dear SiewKim to ask whether i can do GP posting with her in KL, and she told me ok and ask me when is our GP posting, so i sms her the date...15-19NOVEMBER....
without realizing i wrongly type the date...>_<

Then when SiewKim finally told her GP about our posting n confirm the date, she ask me again, izit 15-19NOVEMBER...and suddenly i realize about my blurness ie givng her the wrong date. But that time she already told the GP our posting date.

That's why...
i m doing my GP posting on the morning straight after my exam,and during the 1st week of our scheduled Selective.
......in stead of the scheduled time in DECEMBER..

Ok, actually is all my fault, so sorry my dear Siew Kim mie....

Well, and for the Selective, i actually have no idea on what will English Literature in Medicine turn out to be like?
And seriously my worst subject throughout my secondary school is English despite my mum used to be an English teacher....
and all the while my English result will never beat my Chinese result, except in SPM!! Ok, i still hate the A2 of BCina in my SPM result slip!!!
Anyway, i just hope i can cope with this selective lar.

Another thing, unofficially, i finish sem 4 and when i think of sem 5, i felt scare.
Dono, maybe because of the 10 systems EOS 5 that i never ever dare to think about it before this.....and the seperation of some my batchmates after sem 5.....
Haiz, time really really flies...without us realizing it!!!!

Ok, guess i should stop here, this weekend is really a hectic one, but without exam stress and i kind of enjoy it!!!


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Ok, if u r from IMU and u happen to c one blue Kingstone 4GB pendrive with the name Tan Qian Hui on it, pls return it back to me.....

Nothing, just abit sad i actually lost that pendrive!!!!!!! in elab 2.

And i hope if the person who took my pendrive didnt return it back to me or lost n found office, he/she will never pass through every single exam in IMU because a THEFT is NOT qualify to be a healthcare worker!

Ps: Yvloi i feel ur pain now....cause i save my PBL info in the pendrive too....... >.<

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Because i told myself not to blog unless i finish studying, and not to go online unless i finish AIR topic (aka assignment). So my blog is not being update for quite sometime. >.<

Well, finally,
AIR topic finished n submitted on Monday,
Studying......er still going on. Ok, i didnt kept the promise cause i blog even i know that i need to study MORE!!!! and now i m suppose to do my PBL in school but i still blog using school PC. *slap myself*
Quite sleepy this few days due to the weird sleeping rhythm and those mid-night sms and call. Ok, actually i should be thankful that someone msg me at mid-night to ask me wake up study, so now u know how serious our STRESS condition is until we wake each other up to study.......=_=lll

And for those sem 2 who just finish their End Of Semester exam yesterday, felt happy for them, they deserve the holiday. As for me, i think i deserve a good rest after exam....perhaps?!

Ok, this photo taken when i m really really stress, nice sunset make my day. :)

Ok i should continue my last PBL before proceeding to study study n STUDDYYYY!!!!!!

Ps: I label this post Emo, so just ignore the rants and enjoy the sunset view.

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