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Of leg (again)

I should update something more meaningful, but oh well, quite lazy to type sometimes.
This just an emo post an a post of ranting that u can just ignore.

I admit i seldom exercise and my stamina is very poor.
But i dono that my leg is so weak too...

Do went jogging this week, felt great, i think i should jog more esp with Marissa that will check on me during the jog and told me "Jog Qian Hui Jog!!" whenever she see me slack and walking there..

And on Monday itself, due to that 3 inches high heel shoe that i felt so proud of it and so like to wear it, i twisted my ankle......in library. OUCH...
Sigh, consequences of being too used to wearing sport shoes.

Well and i dono why vista lift always spoilt when i have some problem in my leg. The last time the lift spoilt is when i bend my knee too much in cheer practice till having knee joint pain. And this time the lift spoilt again when i twisted my ankle....What a coincidence huh?
Sometime i dono should i be glad that i m staying at 7th floor but not 17th floor, or i should be sad that why dont i stay in 2nd floor instead of 7th floor? Whatever lar...no matter how i oso need to climb 7 floor up to reach home when the lift spoilt.

And while my ankle is recovering well, on Friday, i twisted my ankle AGAIN. Ok, that's very very painful, cause it's like a twist on the almost recovering twist, so the pain is double.
OMG, why cant i walk carefully? Sigh, so the swelling comes back again, and all those pain...OUCH..and i should start apply counterpain and massage my leg again......

Wish my ankle recover asap, i hate the swelling on my leg. :(

Ok, No need worry lar, i would probably be fine after 1/2 days.

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