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Movie Mania

We do this for our IMU ball fund raising, so we no need to pay so much for a grand ball.

Pris say that this is a very good activity and hope they will organize this more often, but ok, i no comment cause i m not involve in this. The only thing i do is to support the movie screening.

The nice IMU ball board!
Credit to Chloe and Kien Jeen. :)

Bought Pride n Prejudice ticket, thursday evening, watch with SiewKim.
I know it's an award winning movie, but i find it quite hard to understand, and i dono why all the actors and actress talk so FAST?? So we went out half way through the movie and go library.....=_=lll But anyway, thanks SiewKim for sharing with me the whole story line and explain everything to me. I think i will watch it again next time lar....

Tuesday noon, Knocked up.
I go watch because someone bought the ticket and dont want to watch so i got the ticket for free. Ok, i really dono there is so many vulgar word used in this movie, and the funny thing is my junior that sit beside me during the movie give me warning before the movie start as if i m a secondary school girl....lol...

So now movie mania is over, and the movie that i wanted to watch so much is.......
HSM 3!!! U cant say i m childish because Victor from sem 10 oso like to watch this show ok....:)

Let's study hard for exam for the time been.

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