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Malaysian Study

It's a LAN subject that every university student MUST sit for and pass before graduate...

Finally, after attending months of this 4-hours-per-week class, i still left with one more class to pass through this subject...with high marks!(i guess so...)
Ok, this is not an achievment that can be boost about i know, cause this is the most relaxing subject i had ever took..no exam, only presentation and attendance.
Attendence mark, i will get 100% if i attend the last class next week. =)
Presentation mark, dono yet, but so far the comment from the teacher is GOOD! =) ya, because according to her, our presentation is so far the best among the groups in my batch....Weeeee!!!

Actually i enjoy Malaysian Study class so much, really, i learn alot about Malaysian politic from my dear teacher, Mrs Phoon. She makes politic sound so interesting. and she talk about alot of issues so openly and without bias, er, maybe i m a Chinese and the teacher is a Chinese too, so somehow from alot of aspect, i agree with her, that's why i like to listen to her!
This reminds me of one of my Sejarah teacher in secondary school, Mr Thanaraj that make Sejarah so interesting for me during my secondary school time, and one of my favourite subject back then, besides Math n physic, is Sejarah!!

Our Group Topic...
I admit i do learn something from doing the presentation, at least now i know Pakatan Rakyat is make up of PAS+DAP+PKR, and i know about the history of that 3 party and some story about leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim!

Special thanks to all our dear group members... We ROCK!!
Thanks Jonathan for reminding me (sometime) about this presentation, and complete the DAP part.

Thanks Pei-Wen for the PAS part and providing us the songs we used during the presentation, i really really like the combination of the song, although we didnt make any effort to edit it, the songs just come out so co-incidentally.

Thanks Chloe for beautify our slides and the last 3 slides. :)

Thanks the thick skin Qian Hui for the Pakatan Rakyat part and editing some of the slides and doing the final compilation.

Thanks Amy for providing us the most information and the main content of the whole presentation, i think the number of slides she did equal to the combination of number of slides all of us do.

Thanks Jocelyn for the PKR part and bringing the laptope to school and let us used the laptope during the presentation.

Thanks Vanessa for the PAS part, i like the timeline she did!!!

So now u know how important is TEAMWORK!!!!
Well i admit i do have some rant while doing this presentation as i spend the whole night doing the final compilation and didnt study the night before the presentation. But i m glad that the presentation is over, and the good remark given by the teacher.
Love u guys!!! ^_^

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