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It's exam season again.....

So everyone in IMU is starting to develop nerd syndrome.
Since library is is a place for student to STUDY, so let's talk about it,
I dont understand, some ppl, just like to talk in library, and make library as their second chilling place beside cafeteria. Ya, i can understand that as IMU is not that big, not much place for student to chill oso..but really really dont understand, why cant some ppl be more quite while they r in library, why cant they choose some other place if they just wanted to gossip or chat??
Anyway, i think the condition had become better now as most of us are having major exam soon, so ppl tend to be more serious.

For the discussion room,
This sign is pasted everywhere around the room, but dono why, i still can hear some ppl discuss so loudly in the room. I used to sit at the table beside one discussion room before and well the sound from the room is so annoying...

Anyway, library still a place to study, so the above is just some of my rant while i m stress for studying.

Study hard!!!

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