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Buddy System?!

Random thought.

Finish attending the last lecture on Repro System yesterday, going on to the last system i have in semester 4.
and for Malaysian study class, 3 more class to attend n i m done with malaysian study! But since everyone can skip at most 4 class in the whole course in order to pass the paper, and i had never skip before....and that cute Jocelyn told me "It's time for u to skip class now", still considering skipping the thursday class and go watch Atonment..
Okok, the probability for me to skip the class is still 10%, so dont worry, i m still a good girl. =_+
IMU-ian, if u havent buy any movie ticket pls do so lar, support our IMU Ball ok, read kienjeen blog for more info.

Time flies, really...

Buddy system lists out last week, this remind me of the buddy meeting i went when i m still in sem 1. That time i have no idea on who my buddy is, and that senior never write her hp on the buddy list that put on the notice board few weeks before the buddy meeting.... So i ended up waiting for nothing during that meeting, because the senior never turn up for that meeting, and she dont even border to inform others.
It shocked me more when i found out later that she is actually a leader in one of the famous church in town. Ok, i no comment.

Then when i finally get my buddy's no from her friend and sms her, she reply me two days later and ask me go meet her two hours later. And i dont think i learn much from her, the only thing that i can remember is she told me "u must study ar...".
After that i never ask for her opinion or ask her any question anymore, the most i do to her is say "hi-bye" to her when i met her randomly in IMU.

So this is my bad experience from the buddy system initiate by SRC IMU.

Now it's my turn to become the senior buddy,
and the buddy meeting is next week. But actually i still have no idea how does this buddy system work.
Yesterday my junior buddy ask me "er, so what r we suppose to do with this buddy system ar?!"
Well, i seriously dono how to answer wor.
Maybe this is because buddy system is not common and being enforced well in IMU. But from what i understand about the buddy system in other uni, it's such a good system that junior can really really benefit from that.

Anyway, i just hope that i can be a good senior that really can help my junior buddies!! :)

Oh ya, since i twisted my ankle and felt so bad, so i ended up calling my dad late in the night and told him this. Well, i m really glad that i had such a good dad. Yeah, i guess that most not important BS lecture note in Repro system have one fact that i can relate to now, which is "daughter attached to dad more, son attached to mum more..." correct?!

Thank you so much dear daddy for ur advice!!! Love ya.

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