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Victor's Farewell

I am suppose to post this up few days ago, but due to the connection problem and tireness, this post had been freeze in my draft file.....Sigh, orientation + cheerleading already make every single active cell of mine became fatigue cell.
Really salute peiwen denise lilian rachel etc etc of my batch that can join so many sportSSSS in IMU cup and still can come for cheerleading practice!!!!

Anyway, Victor is my semester 10 senior in IMU currently. He finish his 2 years training in IMU Seremban last august and now he is going to complete his MBBS degree in IMU Batu Pahat.
Victor oso a life group leader in church, and he is really a good leader. I really thanks him for arrange transport for us alot of time, and he sometime bring us to chill at different places when we are free!!
So, upon his leaving, we had an farewell party with him, on 31Aug, Merdeka day, after church.

Since he can eat alot, so the farewell lunch is at Chili's...
Mash potato
Mushroom beef burger?! It's merdeka day, so there is a M'sia flag there.
This is victor's food.
Another type of burger.
Amy's food, always look healthy and small portion.
Jocelyn and cindy say "yummy!!"
I dono what food is this.
Okok, enough food.

In Chili's...
Mar - Joc - Cindy
This happen when there is too many cameras, ppl dono which camera to look at...lol
So they ended up looking at priscilla...
Yes, everytime we took photo with jocelyn, she sure got one poser photo one...like this. She is so so so CUTE lar....
Pris - Victor - Qian - Amy, so now u know who Victor is...anyone want to guess his age?!
This suppose to be a photo of me and my dear housemate, Amy...but...er, Victor say my face suddenly got light and is too shinny, so result in this "jing dian" photo.
Ok, don believe him, he crap most of the time...
Finally, group photo.

If u had gone to MidValley on Merdeka day and the day after, do u spot some crazy university students dress like Power Ranger and appear in MidValley?!
I hate to admit that, but it's true, they are IMU student, and this is part of our orientation activities...

Victor love watching movie...
we watch Babylon A.D. that day, and ok, everyone, shake ur head on that movie.
Although our Malaysian's proud Michelle Yeoh is featuring in it, but, that movie still BAD... Confusing begining, confusing storyline, confusing ending and confusing characters...
Victor say he somehow can't link Michelle Yeoh with her role as a nun in the movie, esp when she say "Do u want to pray with me?!"..*Goose Bump*
Photo taken in cinema....('s toilet)...
Mamma mia poster, nice movie!

Oh, well, it's 31th of the month, so it's Baskin Robbin day!!!!
Because of the 31% discount...
I love the chocolate one.
Mar - Qian - (cute)Joc - Cindy
After the whole day teman-ing Victor...Cindy and Jocelyn can't help themselves dy, tire....sleep....

So, Farewell dear Victor, hope he enjoy his last semester training in Batu Pahat!!!!
and become a good Doctor! ^_^

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