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Safe Journey

Well, i was so proud of myself for not be late and miss my bus today!!!
*3 claps for me!!!*

I am so so so glad of myself actually, seriously,
although i know 45 minutes before the departure of my bus, i over-react and over-paranoid, sorry again to Chloe and TjunHoe. Because i am really really scare that i would probably miss a bus AGAIN, and as everyone knows, it's super hard to get a bus ticket to go back hometown during Raya week.

Still can recall the moment i sit on the bus and after calling and reporting to my dad, i almost cry, tears of joy for not missing a bus. It's exaggerated i know, but bear in mind i m someone who had record of missing 3 buses to go back hometown and nearly miss a flight in Kuching to fly back Penang before. And all that bad records mentioned happen in less than 2 months!!! So actually my dad had been calling me to remind me NOT to miss the bus again for >3 times in the past one week.

Ok, now I had reach Ayer Tawar SAFE and with a complex feeling...
Should i be happy? I had not gone back to my hometown for around 2 months, i miss my parents so much, so yes i should be happy.
Should i be sad? There is something happen here, which sometime i wish it could be wiped off from my memory or even my life, but i know we could not do anything to things that had happened, so no i should not be sad.

But i miss those my IMU friends that staying back in KL or Vista.
Hope u guys have fun there!!
And i shall enjoy my peaceful holiday in my quiet and slow-paced hometown.

A random thought on the bus today:

I hate ppl who do not silent their hp in the bus.

A different-race-from-mine girl sat beside me today and Oh Gosh, her hp keep on ringing and disturb me from my peaceful rest on bus!! Really felt like picking up her hp and throw it to the floor so that it wont rang anymore during that period of time..
Of course i didnt do such violent thing, neither did i scold her, but one thing is, i pity her mum for not educate her the proper courtesy in public, and i pity her for making herself so not-worth-to-respect, i had a feeling she came from a super-ulu kampung and true enough she got down from the bus in some ulu place..
Actually I think she want to show off her hp, but anyone can tell that that's just a cheap brand hp and the caller or sms ringtone is so out-dated and NOISY!!!!
So for those who travel by bus, BEHAVE lar....

Ok, i finish scolding that girl, feeling better now.

Happy holiday to everyone!!!!

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