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Orientation so far...

This is why my leg so so painful...
And why i need to apply counterpain analgesic balm everynight. (Thanks Chloe for borrow me the balm after i complain about the pain...)

Normally i will be at home after dinner time, but since start school, my lifestyle rhythm had changed...Here's the activities list recently, cant really remember what i did few weeks before, just start on last wed lar..
I regreted for not exercise regularly. T_T

Wednesday : Ice Breaker - already blog about that on wed.
Thursday : Mass Dance practice + Cheerleading practice
The juniors already know how to pose before learning the mass dance!!! They are smart and cool...
Mass dance, see what's the OOs doing behind......OOs are always SS one...
Daniel want to show that he is the tallest, but he still lose to jerming.
I think this photo taken by lipsiang, cause i won't take such crazy photo..>_< and the photo is not shaken!!

Ok, thursday night is the night my leg started to be painful, so i suspect the cause of pain is i bend too much and hit my knee on the ground too strong for too many time during that cheer practice.
Sigh, can't blame anyone, who ask me so enthu to bend down so often lar...thus the reward is applying counterpain for 1 week.

Fri : Treasure hunt, before that go for signature hunt in IMU
The benefit of having a pneumothorax underweight OO in the group!!!
When the senior want to rag u by asking u to carry ur OO around IMU, ur hand wont feel pain cause the senior is so light / weight-less!
Treasure hunt, finish the first phase, why all the OOs are guys?!
Human Pyramid, the background is so nice!
Yu Gin - Kay Teck - Lip Siang, i seriously dono what is yugin doing at that time...kayteck's camera is pointing at me!
Oh i suddenly remember, yugin is the vice president of IMU yoga club, maybe this some yoga movement?!
The photo that kayteck took..
Well, i know if i m not inside the photo, this photo will be a very very perfect and nice shoot. Sorry lar, i spoilt the nice caption.
The sky is so nice rite?!
After Treasure hunt, and the treasure is ....?! Our dear Diana OO...lol

Sat : Telematch + Cheer practice + Church
The group, Onzies
Impulse game, everyone in the group had to close their eyes and hold hands, the first person open the eyes and look at the coin that thrown by gamemaster in front, if its head, he/she will send an impulse to the 2nd person(by squeezing his/her hand), and the 2nd person will squeeze 3rd person hand, and the 3rd person will squeeze the 4th person hand......etc...until it reach the end. The last person had to take out the sponge in the pail.
The group that take up the sponge first win.
This is how my group did in the game - almost all of us get the sponge! Awesome rite?! I m so proud of them, our impulse transmitted so so so super fast that the gamemaster oso cant believe how we did it! Actually i oso dono how they did it, that's why i say the group is AWESOME!!!!

Anyway, although we win so much, here is the inside-news of this event,
For this game and the infinity miller game, every groups get the same full marks because the game master lose the score sheet or they don even record the score!!! Unfair for my group lar if like that, but nvm lar, i dont want to make a big fuss on it. It's just a game..

Well, this is the most disgusting "Drinks" i had ever drank in my life..
They write there Yogurt and i thought it wont taste that bad...until i drink it, ewww, it's just so not-mean-for-human-to-drink ok!!!!!!

Those that suppose to go cheer practice but still in the field...until our cheer captain need to send ppl to the field to "kipnap" some of us back to uni..sorry peiwen, sorry chloe..

It's so nice to see ur previous orientation group members OO-ing in the orientation!
This are all my favourite juniors!!!
Rudy (aka JJ) - Qian (aka Minnie) - Chin Nam (aka Lotus)
Rudy is in PINK! Chin Nam is in ORANGE! Nice combination....
I think both of them sleep in lecture hall, if not why the hair so messy one?! esp lotus...
Ying Xin - Qian
She is so cute lar!!!
Icekes - Qian
Like senior like junior. Haha, he is so enthu in this orientation too! See his face oso know dy lar...
And one remark, i had coincidently bump into him for > 3 times in the weekend, IMU is so small...

This is group 8 photo, most of my previous orientation group members are OO-ing in this group, so i support this group too lar.
Ps: lotus or whoever OO in the group, pls copy this photo as u need to submit this photo to the committee one, that's why i purposely upload it here.

Till then, i need to go apply my counterpain dy.
Wish my leg "Happy recovery" lar.

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