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Mooncake Festival

Well, it is super BE-LATED, but since it had been in my draft for so long, so, just let me SS lar.

Growing up from a small town, Celebrating Mooncake Festival every year in the small town, i never wonder how city ppl celebrate Mooncake Festival before.
For me, in my memory, everyone celebrate Mooncake Festival in the same way :
Eat mooncake, gather with family, take the lanterns and walk around the housing area shouting "a-ni-ma-ni-po-o" (Ignore this if u dont understand, this show that u r not from AyerTawar), then the ppl in the house will reply "po-o", and the shouting keep going until we get bore of it.
Those more brave one (or ppl call them samseng although i think some of them are not...) will drive their motorcycle around the town and shouting the sentence mentioned above.

I still remember during my Form 5 mooncake festival time, most of my classmates decided to go "ti deng long" (read in chinese) together.
So 20+ of us bring our lantern, and candle, and matches (we prefer matches than lighter ok...), then walk from one housing area to another.
Along the way, we r competing whose lantern get burn off the last. So once the crowd stop moving forward, means there is someone lantern light goes off, or the lantern just burn off.
And along the way, someone will shout the "a-ni-ma-ni-po-o" phrase, and the crowd respond "po-o", and the someone will continue shouting ".........(i forgot the phrase dy)", then the crowd respond "po-o" and this continue till we bored.

That night, we walk to our BM teacher's house, and disturb her from her good night rest. Poor Pn Ngeh see so many of us outside her house shouting her name, terpaksa open the door to let us in, and we ended up playing n chatting in her house. :)
Next we went to our Principal's house, but too bad he oledy fall asleep, someone from the house come out told us dont disturb him. :(

Then on the way back we sing and shout at the road.
I was forced by my parents to be back by 12am, so didnt get to join the rest of them playing candles at my former primary school till 2/3am.....

That's how i celebrate MoonCake Festival in my hometown. Fun rite?!

Now that i m in KL, celebrating the most QUIET Mooncake Festival in my life,
so sad to hear from my friends city ppl never shout when they go "ti deng long"..

Well, i do get to eat mooncake this year lar. should be thankful for this dy.
Jocelyn cutting the chef-recommended mooncake
This is Victor recommended "shang hai" mooncake.

Night time......Lantern time......
All lanterns surround the rabbit!

I wish i m forever 20 year old!!!!

With our lantern....

Conclusion: I prefer small town style Mooncake festival celebration.
But i think this year i have a better mooncake festival celebration compare to last year, which some bad thing happen to me on that night that i still can remember till now...

Happy super-belated Mooncake Festival!!!!!

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