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High heels

Do u like ur shoes?

Since young, my mum have no problem in buying me clothes or bringing me to shop for clothes, but when it comes to shoes, both my parents can only shake their heads...
Because, although i m a girl, but i only wear those shoes that make me look like a tomboy...is so comfortable to wear, but ugly in look. Well, that time Crocs still not popular yet. So, the only shoes i have is my slippers, sports shoes, school shoes, and lether shoes.
Basically, i grown up with no training of wearing high heels, and this is not a major problem to me as small town student seldom go for proms or any high-class dinner that require proper dressing..
unless u r super duper rich!!

Well, i bought my first ever high heels during my Form 6 days, Upper Six to be exact, because we are FORCED to attend dono which occasion organize by the Interact Club in school that require everyone to dress properly.
And the i only wear that heels once before it was being thrown into "cold palace"...which is my shoe cupboard.
Because i hate high heels shoe, forgot the reason why i hate it, but i just feel that i had no fate with high heels.

If not because of IMU i wont wear high heels now, seriously.
But after 1 and half year of IMU, i started to love high heel shoes now.
Although my collection of high heels will never exceed 2 pairs (i m very good at spoiling and throwing >3 shoes in a year normally), and i still seldom wear heels to school, but my hatre to high heels had gradually decreasing.

So, to one of my dear hometown friend that
forcetold me to get use to wearing high heel shoe, for her future plan sake, thanks for telling me lar!!! =)

I love this shoe lar!!!!

This a random post. I am happy today.

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