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Friends Forever

Selamat Hari Raya.

Back to hometown and this time i got some improvement dy...
at least i didnt hide in my house for the whole day, it had been reduce to half a day, and another half of the day i was out, with either friends or family or my motorcycle!

Well anyway, i havent meet much of my secondary school's friends, except those very close friends ie Yvonloi, wanxin, qianjin.


Now i just realize, of all of my Form 6 friends, i only have 2 real and true friends (OMG, i am such a NERD back in Form6 time!!!!), friends that i can share my everything with, friends that understand all my frustration n keep my secrets, friends that r willing to tell me their stories, friends that can talk non-stop from the moment we see each other until we r apart....
To my dear friend Shu Jun n Lily,
i really appretiate u guys,

Thanks Shu Jun for open my eyes to the F1 world, thanks for introducing me ur favourite Alonso, and thanks for sharing with me those F1 races.
i miss those day we read the newspaper together and discuss about the hottest guysnews in the town.
i m so glad to know her and actually i think knowing her is one of my biggest achievement in Form 6..!!

Thanks Lily, my childhood friend, the one that i will confide in, and share my secret with. I love u so so much lar.!!
Qian - Lily - ShuJun
Notes: this is the first photo we ever took together since we start Form 6!

Love u guys!!!

Hope to catch up with more my hometown friend, and get back to KL asap.

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