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For My dearest friend

Yvon Loi,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Yvon,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!
(Ok yvon i had sing u a birthday song, so finish the Secret Recipi cake now!)

Really glad to have yvon as friend,
and i m glad i still bond with my dear hometown friendSSS!!

These are photos taken during Boon Keong's bday, i will blog about that if i got time lar...btw, he oledy blog about that himself oso, so i might not post that up here lar...
Ok, since it's yvon bday, so i wont mind putting up my ugly photo and yvon nice photo up here lar.....
I look terribly ugly in the photo i know......=_+lll

One thing that i realize now, everytime during primary/secondary school friends gathering, the most common question is "do u have any b/gf now?!"

If yes, "Do we know that person? How long have u been with him/her? How do u know her? Can i see his/her photo?"

If no, "Need me introduce one for u or not? When will u have one? Do u have any target now? Don't everyday study only lar, must go and know more ppl!"

If have before but break up, "Why break up? Since when u guys break up? Can't u tolerate abit? Do both of u still contact each others now?"

If the couples are both from the same class, "How are u guys getting along now? How u all start? Do u guys see each other often now?"

If the couples are both from the same class but break up dy, *OMG, it's the worst* "I think he/she is quite good lor, why u want to break up? Do u think both of u have chance to be together again? What is the main reason of breaking? Who are the one that initiate the break?"

So the conclusion is, no matter what's ur status, u will still be question like a prisoner in the class gathering.

(Ignore this paragraph, its all CRAP)
Anyway, after all the Q and A section, everyone will go back with some question in mind, some question that will remain unsolved and unanswered...this is a typical class gathering. When everyone realize all of us actually come from a small town, and having some complicated relationship with each others....
(Ignore this paragraph, its all CRAP)

But i still love all my secondary school classmate, they are AWESOME!!!
Guys row : YipSong - VeeZien - WeiJin - JengSiang - VeeEe - YuXuan - ShangHuei
Girls row : SiewWen - ShinChin - Qian - Yvon
Everyone is in except BoonKeong, read his post here.

Till then,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear dear Yvonne Loi.....:)
Enjoy ur day!!!!

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