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Diamonds cheerleaders always have good taste bud, so after we search the whole sungai wang for our cheerleader's shoe (which we ended up buying some cheap school shoe there), we reward our taste bud with Delicious...

This is one of our Banner, special thanks to EkGuan!!
This our First banner out during the performance, intention is to make sure the crowd DIAM!!! before we start our routine.

A random shoot. Thanks to Wilkinson for droving too fast and miss the turning, so he had to stop his car at the roadside and do some illegal reverse so we can reach our destination earlier...So i can get this nice shoot.

Kafe Delicious!!
Doing the #123 cheer pose there.
Mich + Chloe, i love the light ball!!!!!
Princess tasting Ur-Highness-Chef-Recommended chips
Trying to pose like princess, but both failed..=_+
Qian-Chloe-Mich (Note: this photo for SiewKim...since she is so lovable...)
The pretty one = Chloe ; The cute one = Wilkinson (Use the IMU-ian Cute definition pls...)
Girls are forever CAMWHOR-ING!!
Guy are forever EMO-ING!!
I think Mich can be a good ambassador for whatever advertisement lar, see her pose, look like some "cuti-cuti malaysia" ambassador pose...

Finally, let's show the wonders of mirror..
Chloe *HEARTs*
Mich x3
Wilky x2, told u, guys are forever EMO-ING!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, that's my BAG!!!!

M-1-0-7 GooooOOoooooooooOOOoooo DIAMONDS! I hearts this phrase so so much....

Ps: the 1st photo is actually one side of the banner "DIAM-ONDS"...

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