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Birthday week

Well i seriously have no idea why so many of my friend's bday fall in this few days!

Yvon's on monday, and she told me XuanLing, my ex-form 6 classmate who is also in IMU now 's bday oso on the same day as hers, ...and that her batch got 4 ppl share the same bday date as her.
Then tuesday, dear dorothy maria's bday, celebrated in library cafe. I didnt go. :(
For wednesday, so far as i know 3 of my batchmate/classmate's bday fall on this date, 10/9. Christy, my batch cg leader's bday celebrate twice this afternoon, one in cheerleading practice, another in our cellgroup.
Next, dear MianLi's oso born in 10/9, another one is Baldeep, she is my current PBL-mate.

So, our dear Diana Seah decided to throw MianLi a surprise bday party...at Italiannies.
Ok, this photo taken last time when we go there celebrate YuGin's bday, which is er, April?!

Well, i always dont mind showing my ugly photo and the bday girl pretty photo on her birthday.....
Ok, pls dont notice the contrast btw us, Mian is the super-extreme-ultraly SLENDER girl, while i m her contrast i know....

Posting up Jocelyn CUTE photo *again* is always my job!!!! Let me introduce Joc next poser friend - Lynda, the one standing infrontof me!

Well, Our dear MIAN is officially 20th now,
So, i wish her all the best in everything she does and ....

hope her BMI can improve and my BMI can decrease lar.

Another out-of-topic photo,
This photo taken by the CAMWHORE KING!!!!! I try to take 5 camwhore photos of us but all fail, superly ugly and disorientated. But once this Tjun How took the camera, this is the result of it.
He is so so so nice to be bullied lar..... but he is very kind though, *cough cough*


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