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Friends Forever

Selamat Hari Raya.

Back to hometown and this time i got some improvement dy...
at least i didnt hide in my house for the whole day, it had been reduce to half a day, and another half of the day i was out, with either friends or family or my motorcycle!

Well anyway, i havent meet much of my secondary school's friends, except those very close friends ie Yvonloi, wanxin, qianjin.


Now i just realize, of all of my Form 6 friends, i only have 2 real and true friends (OMG, i am such a NERD back in Form6 time!!!!), friends that i can share my everything with, friends that understand all my frustration n keep my secrets, friends that r willing to tell me their stories, friends that can talk non-stop from the moment we see each other until we r apart....
To my dear friend Shu Jun n Lily,
i really appretiate u guys,

Thanks Shu Jun for open my eyes to the F1 world, thanks for introducing me ur favourite Alonso, and thanks for sharing with me those F1 races.
i miss those day we read the newspaper together and discuss about the hottest guysnews in the town.
i m so glad to know her and actually i think knowing her is one of my biggest achievement in Form 6..!!

Thanks Lily, my childhood friend, the one that i will confide in, and share my secret with. I love u so so much lar.!!
Qian - Lily - ShuJun
Notes: this is the first photo we ever took together since we start Form 6!

Love u guys!!!

Hope to catch up with more my hometown friend, and get back to KL asap.

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Safe Journey

Well, i was so proud of myself for not be late and miss my bus today!!!
*3 claps for me!!!*

I am so so so glad of myself actually, seriously,
although i know 45 minutes before the departure of my bus, i over-react and over-paranoid, sorry again to Chloe and TjunHoe. Because i am really really scare that i would probably miss a bus AGAIN, and as everyone knows, it's super hard to get a bus ticket to go back hometown during Raya week.

Still can recall the moment i sit on the bus and after calling and reporting to my dad, i almost cry, tears of joy for not missing a bus. It's exaggerated i know, but bear in mind i m someone who had record of missing 3 buses to go back hometown and nearly miss a flight in Kuching to fly back Penang before. And all that bad records mentioned happen in less than 2 months!!! So actually my dad had been calling me to remind me NOT to miss the bus again for >3 times in the past one week.

Ok, now I had reach Ayer Tawar SAFE and with a complex feeling...
Should i be happy? I had not gone back to my hometown for around 2 months, i miss my parents so much, so yes i should be happy.
Should i be sad? There is something happen here, which sometime i wish it could be wiped off from my memory or even my life, but i know we could not do anything to things that had happened, so no i should not be sad.

But i miss those my IMU friends that staying back in KL or Vista.
Hope u guys have fun there!!
And i shall enjoy my peaceful holiday in my quiet and slow-paced hometown.

A random thought on the bus today:

I hate ppl who do not silent their hp in the bus.

A different-race-from-mine girl sat beside me today and Oh Gosh, her hp keep on ringing and disturb me from my peaceful rest on bus!! Really felt like picking up her hp and throw it to the floor so that it wont rang anymore during that period of time..
Of course i didnt do such violent thing, neither did i scold her, but one thing is, i pity her mum for not educate her the proper courtesy in public, and i pity her for making herself so not-worth-to-respect, i had a feeling she came from a super-ulu kampung and true enough she got down from the bus in some ulu place..
Actually I think she want to show off her hp, but anyone can tell that that's just a cheap brand hp and the caller or sms ringtone is so out-dated and NOISY!!!!
So for those who travel by bus, BEHAVE lar....

Ok, i finish scolding that girl, feeling better now.

Happy holiday to everyone!!!!

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High heels

Do u like ur shoes?

Since young, my mum have no problem in buying me clothes or bringing me to shop for clothes, but when it comes to shoes, both my parents can only shake their heads...
Because, although i m a girl, but i only wear those shoes that make me look like a tomboy...is so comfortable to wear, but ugly in look. Well, that time Crocs still not popular yet. So, the only shoes i have is my slippers, sports shoes, school shoes, and lether shoes.
Basically, i grown up with no training of wearing high heels, and this is not a major problem to me as small town student seldom go for proms or any high-class dinner that require proper dressing..
unless u r super duper rich!!

Well, i bought my first ever high heels during my Form 6 days, Upper Six to be exact, because we are FORCED to attend dono which occasion organize by the Interact Club in school that require everyone to dress properly.
And the i only wear that heels once before it was being thrown into "cold palace"...which is my shoe cupboard.
Because i hate high heels shoe, forgot the reason why i hate it, but i just feel that i had no fate with high heels.

If not because of IMU i wont wear high heels now, seriously.
But after 1 and half year of IMU, i started to love high heel shoes now.
Although my collection of high heels will never exceed 2 pairs (i m very good at spoiling and throwing >3 shoes in a year normally), and i still seldom wear heels to school, but my hatre to high heels had gradually decreasing.

So, to one of my dear hometown friend that
forcetold me to get use to wearing high heel shoe, for her future plan sake, thanks for telling me lar!!! =)

I love this shoe lar!!!!

This a random post. I am happy today.

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Mooncake Festival

Well, it is super BE-LATED, but since it had been in my draft for so long, so, just let me SS lar.

Growing up from a small town, Celebrating Mooncake Festival every year in the small town, i never wonder how city ppl celebrate Mooncake Festival before.
For me, in my memory, everyone celebrate Mooncake Festival in the same way :
Eat mooncake, gather with family, take the lanterns and walk around the housing area shouting "a-ni-ma-ni-po-o" (Ignore this if u dont understand, this show that u r not from AyerTawar), then the ppl in the house will reply "po-o", and the shouting keep going until we get bore of it.
Those more brave one (or ppl call them samseng although i think some of them are not...) will drive their motorcycle around the town and shouting the sentence mentioned above.

I still remember during my Form 5 mooncake festival time, most of my classmates decided to go "ti deng long" (read in chinese) together.
So 20+ of us bring our lantern, and candle, and matches (we prefer matches than lighter ok...), then walk from one housing area to another.
Along the way, we r competing whose lantern get burn off the last. So once the crowd stop moving forward, means there is someone lantern light goes off, or the lantern just burn off.
And along the way, someone will shout the "a-ni-ma-ni-po-o" phrase, and the crowd respond "po-o", and the someone will continue shouting ".........(i forgot the phrase dy)", then the crowd respond "po-o" and this continue till we bored.

That night, we walk to our BM teacher's house, and disturb her from her good night rest. Poor Pn Ngeh see so many of us outside her house shouting her name, terpaksa open the door to let us in, and we ended up playing n chatting in her house. :)
Next we went to our Principal's house, but too bad he oledy fall asleep, someone from the house come out told us dont disturb him. :(

Then on the way back we sing and shout at the road.
I was forced by my parents to be back by 12am, so didnt get to join the rest of them playing candles at my former primary school till 2/3am.....

That's how i celebrate MoonCake Festival in my hometown. Fun rite?!

Now that i m in KL, celebrating the most QUIET Mooncake Festival in my life,
so sad to hear from my friends city ppl never shout when they go "ti deng long"..

Well, i do get to eat mooncake this year lar. should be thankful for this dy.
Jocelyn cutting the chef-recommended mooncake
This is Victor recommended "shang hai" mooncake.

Night time......Lantern time......
All lanterns surround the rabbit!

I wish i m forever 20 year old!!!!

With our lantern....

Conclusion: I prefer small town style Mooncake festival celebration.
But i think this year i have a better mooncake festival celebration compare to last year, which some bad thing happen to me on that night that i still can remember till now...

Happy super-belated Mooncake Festival!!!!!

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Diamonds cheerleaders always have good taste bud, so after we search the whole sungai wang for our cheerleader's shoe (which we ended up buying some cheap school shoe there), we reward our taste bud with Delicious...

This is one of our Banner, special thanks to EkGuan!!
This our First banner out during the performance, intention is to make sure the crowd DIAM!!! before we start our routine.

A random shoot. Thanks to Wilkinson for droving too fast and miss the turning, so he had to stop his car at the roadside and do some illegal reverse so we can reach our destination earlier...So i can get this nice shoot.

Kafe Delicious!!
Doing the #123 cheer pose there.
Mich + Chloe, i love the light ball!!!!!
Princess tasting Ur-Highness-Chef-Recommended chips
Trying to pose like princess, but both failed..=_+
Qian-Chloe-Mich (Note: this photo for SiewKim...since she is so lovable...)
The pretty one = Chloe ; The cute one = Wilkinson (Use the IMU-ian Cute definition pls...)
Girls are forever CAMWHOR-ING!!
Guy are forever EMO-ING!!
I think Mich can be a good ambassador for whatever advertisement lar, see her pose, look like some "cuti-cuti malaysia" ambassador pose...

Finally, let's show the wonders of mirror..
Chloe *HEARTs*
Mich x3
Wilky x2, told u, guys are forever EMO-ING!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, that's my BAG!!!!

M-1-0-7 GooooOOoooooooooOOOoooo DIAMONDS! I hearts this phrase so so much....

Ps: the 1st photo is actually one side of the banner "DIAM-ONDS"...

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Eastern food vs Western food

It had been a hectic week, and finally IMU Cup is over....

I HEARTS DIAMONDS so so so much lar.
Glad that we had put on a very very good show on that night!

Well, since i so lazy to blog, so, just show some food photos to make ppl drool, before my blogging mood come back.
Food that we have during mooncake festival,
lunch eastern, in marissa favourite restaurant...

dinner western, recommended by dearie chloe.

Oh gosh, i feel hungry now......

Ok, i will blog about something more meaningful next time.

Till then.

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It's this friday!

Ok, after weeks and daySSSSSSSSSS of practicing,
the date is getting nearer and nearer, the competition is on this FRIDAY, which is 2 days later.

Wish me all the best in the IMU CUP cheerleading competition lar,

Make a wish.....Quick Make a wish.....


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Birthday week

Well i seriously have no idea why so many of my friend's bday fall in this few days!

Yvon's on monday, and she told me XuanLing, my ex-form 6 classmate who is also in IMU now 's bday oso on the same day as hers, ...and that her batch got 4 ppl share the same bday date as her.
Then tuesday, dear dorothy maria's bday, celebrated in library cafe. I didnt go. :(
For wednesday, so far as i know 3 of my batchmate/classmate's bday fall on this date, 10/9. Christy, my batch cg leader's bday celebrate twice this afternoon, one in cheerleading practice, another in our cellgroup.
Next, dear MianLi's oso born in 10/9, another one is Baldeep, she is my current PBL-mate.

So, our dear Diana Seah decided to throw MianLi a surprise bday party...at Italiannies.
Ok, this photo taken last time when we go there celebrate YuGin's bday, which is er, April?!

Well, i always dont mind showing my ugly photo and the bday girl pretty photo on her birthday.....
Ok, pls dont notice the contrast btw us, Mian is the super-extreme-ultraly SLENDER girl, while i m her contrast i know....

Posting up Jocelyn CUTE photo *again* is always my job!!!! Let me introduce Joc next poser friend - Lynda, the one standing infrontof me!

Well, Our dear MIAN is officially 20th now,
So, i wish her all the best in everything she does and ....

hope her BMI can improve and my BMI can decrease lar.

Another out-of-topic photo,
This photo taken by the CAMWHORE KING!!!!! I try to take 5 camwhore photos of us but all fail, superly ugly and disorientated. But once this Tjun How took the camera, this is the result of it.
He is so so so nice to be bullied lar..... but he is very kind though, *cough cough*


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Sometime in any relationship, be it friendship or whatever-ship, we trust each other. we trust the word that they say.

But after some time, if u think about it carefully, some words that come out from someone mouth seem to be a lie. Like everything had been plan carefully to fool u.

Being a nice person, we tend to be nice to everyone, try to trust ppl, but sometime it hurts when u found out the truth. Like i found out the main reason of that is not religion.

Ok, i m not referring to friendship here. enough.

Sorry i emo.

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Orientation ME2/08 is over...

Finale night on last friday, and it's quite well-done, just i dont quite like the singing part, cause i dono most of the English songs...
And normally, during some of the performance, the seniors SS only.
Anyway, compare to last orientation.....*no eye see*....it is 100 x better lor!!!

Photo taken there...
After the whole event, and after all of us make fun of JerMing and his 'cousin'...i had upload that photo in facebook.haha...
Since the theme is Masquarade, so everyone have to wear a mask...
The juniors with lipsiang, he come for FREE food!!!!
Olive - Arvinf - Erik - Qian - Youzra - Amrita - Eunice - Jean
So many OOs in this photo. Diana dress is very preety!!! JerMing simply wear a t-shirt to the party...sigh...it's so him. (For my previous Lucky 13 members, still remember what he wear when he go track trip with u guys last time?! =_+lll)

We are Onzies!!
Ok, the twins that i met randomly in LRT when both of them come IMU for interview...and well, we share some common thing lar, i mean their sister and ..... . err, I still trying hard to distinguish them, so can't named them here...
Shaunt act cool...(aka EMO!!!) I told him before i dont like one of his chinese name...!! and i still dont like it now...
Joanna - Qian - Jocelyn - Cindy - Marissa
Ok, their group theme colour is pink, so all of them wear either pink or red, whereas my group theme is yellow, so i wear orange....no yellow shirt lar...
Yes, a post with jocelyn in again, so must show the CUTE pose of jocelyn.... I know i say this dono how many time dy in my blog, but still.......Joc is so so so so CUTE lar!!!!!!

Lastly, this an unrelated-to-finale-night photo...
I got from another cutie, Chloe, and i like this photo so much, which the msg is kind of true. LoL...

Till then, i dono when is my next time blogging..my timetable is nearly fully scheduled till the cheerleading competition...Luckily orientation is over..!
The super PACKed cheer practice timetable. ^_^

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