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First week of the semester had passed, i just cant believe i m actually in semester 4 now...well, it sound childish, but really, i still can remember the first day i step into IMU, not knowing anyone there, and all sorts of mistake make due to the naive-ness.

Coming to this semester, which we IMU-ian sometimes regard it as "honeymoon" sememster, like what the high school kids refer Form 4 as "honeymoon" year lar...
I just felt i m getting more senior now. Er, there is only 5 semester in IMU Bukit Jalil, so once u reach sem4 or sem5, the junior will see u as a very very old senior dy...(well, at least this is what i felt for sem4/5 senior when i m a sem1 junior.)

Ok, i know i crap too much.

Some happening events in IMU currently
1. IMU Cup
Congrats to M107 volley ball team for winnig the first game, keep going on, i can see all the participants are taking all the games seriously, and i really hope our batch can shine in M107, including cheerleading!!! Oh my, my whole body is so painful now....i hope its worth sacrifice for..

2. SRC Grace Sale
This morning the Student Representative Counsil(SRC) of IMU had decided to get rid of all those stuff that lost and found by the administrative department of IMU.

And, WAO, u cant believe how much things that the students lost in IMU alone, it's really surprisingly. Well, it's not a mountain of stuff lar, but judging that IMU is not that very very big anyway, the things that students lost is really ALOT...
It takes us few rounds to shift all those things from the store room on 4th floor to the atrium on the ground floor....

After 3 grace hours for letting the students claim back their stuff, all those lost and found stuff become the items of SRC Grace Sale.

Can u imagine, one plastic bottle (i mean those colourful type/"tai kong bei") are sold for RM1, one labcoat sold for RM10, Stethescope sold for RM2 (OMG, how can a student lost his/her stethescope at the first place?!!), clinical books sold for RM5, pencil case sold for RM2, umbrella sold for RM2, 5 pens solf for RM1, one tie sold for RM1, etc etc etc.....

Oh ya, and there's lots of pendrive there too...which sold for a very cheap price, er, i dono how much it's sold, i was attending Malaysian studies class at that time, not at the booth there. But one thing is I DONO WHY IMU STUDENTS TEND TO LOST THEIR PENDRIVE!!!! It's either they forget to take it after using it in the computer lab, or they drop it somewhere else and pick up by some kind fellow (like me!) and give it back to the administration office.
Sigh, this show how rich is our students.

3. Cafe in library
De Brio Cafe, the name of that cafe.
Well, it only sells cakes, breads, egg tarts, soft drinks, and coffee..more things coming soon lar.
And OH my, its just one happening place in IMU now. During lunch time, some students will have their lunch there, or buy something there, and it's always full of students!!! No wonder nowadays the cafeteria/kantin in IMU is not as crowded as last time dy...
That cafe always look crowded, as it is so small, although they put a mirror there to make it look spacious, but it seriously not work, that cafe is very very small for a sophisticated university like IMU.

4. MMS shifted to library
Well, MMS which stand for Medical Museum had moved to somewhere connected to library, and its all window-walled, meaning it's transparent everywhere.
So, IMU students, stop mess up the MMS, people outside can see what u r doing inside the MMS!!

5. New library discussion room
Oh, its all window-walled too. So students cant do anything they like in the study+discussion room now. Everyone can see through the window and knows what's going on inside!

Suddenly, i realize, IMU had started to adapt open concept, there's windows everywhere..or i should say there is "transparency" anywhere...
And IMU library had become a very nice place to study, just abit crowded sometimes and i hope they will INCREASE the number of TEXTBOOK in the library.
Can u imagine while 160+ students doing the same course, the library only have 10 text books for that course?! Students have to fight for books and student like me that is NON-NERDY type sure cant get to borrow the textbook during the peak season one lar........lol

6. M208 Orientation
It will start on 25th of August!!! So prepared for two crazy weeks in IMU agian!!!

Ok, basically that's so much to say, hopefully this will be a great semester, and i m looking forward for my changes.

Till then.

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