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Still surviving

I m still alive, dont worry.

New semester was ok, with lots of activities going on.
one of it, IMU Cup, the hottest topic in the university, go go go M107.

Well, have been doing some physical exercise recently, which contribute to the aches everywhere on my body. Guess this is quite a good sign lar. And i hope i will continue this lar.

Nothing much, just a post showing i m still living fine here. I wish i m lar.

Emo finish,
I promise boonkeong will put the photo he had edit in my blog, and here i go...
Friends forever, i hope it will last..
Up: Boon Keong, Diew Leong ; Down: Qian, Shan Hua.
Well, let's tell everyone something, 3 of the guys there are all SINGLE and AVAILABLE, and ok, i m asked to find someone that is suitable for them...
but u know i m not capable to do it. So, i will just leave their photos here and anyone, comment box please.

I love this cute boy more...
Cute leh..!!!!

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