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Penang of Mian is

Perak's neighbour state
Good food state
DAP's state
Orang Cina dominating state (?! this is crap only)

Well, i fly back from Kuching to Penang International Airport last time, and Mian so so excited to bring me around Penang. and this photo is copy paste from facebook...
I think that tour contribute to my weight gain during the holiday.....OMG. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE....everyone, pls FORCE me to do so!!!!!!!

First must show the food first...
Oh, Penang Laksa
This one is Mango Puding, we eat at a restaurant in Gurney Plaza, forget what's the name...
Well, Mian make me take the reserve card and the table reserve number, er...because she want to took some great picture, looks terrible i know...(O, i mean myself, not mian's photos's skill..)

3rd longest bridge in Asia?! ok, i m not good in Geography, correct me if i m wrong...
Sky...i'm loving it!
Sky...again, its nice lar..
360 Water Front venue of Queen Elizabeth II
Oh, i just realize i had not been on ferry for so many years dy...thanks mian!
I m thinking about...what do u think?! xoxo

Random shoot when we came back by ferry from the island, and ok, we scream real loud n scared when the worker open the door of ferry like 10 minutes before we reach the port...OMG, phobia lar........
Never be the first car to enter Ferry if u have phobia of water or anything high...Mian Li and I r so afraid that once the ferry sail unstablely, our car will drop down into sea and.......OUCH, scary moment...

Ok, i miss Penang!

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