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Of foods n friends

Ok, i m still stuck in my hometown, sigh, want to go back KL early oso kenot.
Nvm lar, think i need to spend more time with my family.

So i realize i had not post up photo here n since the streamyx is working quite well today, so i decided to upload some photos. Pls make sure u had taken ur meal before viewing, dont drool in front of ur computer...

Kuching has alot of nice food, and most of it r foochow food, so looks quite familiar to me, a sitiawan foochow...
Cha Siew Kolo mee
I forget the name of this dish.
Sarawak Laksa n popiah behind
Ps: Penang Laksa taste better....
Tomato sos ho fan
Tomato sos mee
Sorry, i oso forget the name of this dish...
This is not food obviously, but the la mian here is nice!
Sushi king, saja show only...

Woo, and the food we enjoy the MOST:

Sunny hill ice-cream
OMG, i suddenly have craving for ice-cream dy lar.....

So, don ask us why we keep on complaining ourselves r too fat after that one week....because the food is so attracting..

And, Bukit Jalil Family Park, here i come...gonna jog there once school reopen.
Everyone, pls FORCE me to do that, i really need it!!!!

Then, the cat museum...dono why, most of the photo we took in Kuching r in cat musuem..
And, i have a confession: We didnt pay for taking photos inside the museum, because no one seem to be bordered us and no one stop us from taking photos there. (Although it is stated that RM5 for one camera....)

The cat...ugly rite?
The cat that "welcome" us in the musuem, but not sincere at all, not even look at the camera...so do i...

One hundred cat and A rat, can u spot the rat?!

Rachel pretty girl!!!!
Sorry i lazy to upload one by one, just combine everything here lar...

Other photo, just random-ly take one...
Diana Ngu another preety girl - Me - Mian Li the other preety n enthusiastic girl.
*Wonder why i so lucky can go for a trip with so many preety girls....hahaha...*

Next the "new" cool destination one must visit in Kuching,
Mian will be the ambasser of this place.....
*ting ting* haha, the full-of-memory atap house we went to.
Scenary from the Atap house nice right?
Can camwhore there somemore...

Ok, i m just kidding, actually we stuck half way on our way to Sematang, the car temperature went so high up till all of us so scare of it will explode n spoilt.
So we dont have the gut to continue the journey. Pusing balik instead.
Anyway, the scenary there very nice wor...

The hospital we doing elective.
Normah Medical Specialist centre

Oya, this, the fastfood restaurant that not found in Penisular Malaysia
Sugar Bun

really thanks Diana n the family for letting us to stay there n have such a great time in Kuching, really enjoy it!!!
Thank you card

Shall visit Kuching one day if i got chance, but hope i wont nearly missed the flight again....

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