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I wonder what is insomnia is sometimes, and I had it once before, on the day my End-Of-Semester exam result out, that one is due to stress.

But yesterday night is one of the most-difficult-to-sleep nights for me...

After one day out with my dearest secondary school old friends, I felt so exhausted.

Came back home, new housemates just move in, settle some stuff with them.
Later on, reply some sms and apologize to some people.
Felt so worn-out dy, went to bed before 12am.

Maybe because too tire, or maybe lots of things bordering me, I can't bring myself to sleep.
Try a lot of way to make myself sleep, but all failed...until i started to consider sleeping at my study table…
Then for do no what reason, I manage to get myself to sleep.

Suddenly, after 1 hour of sleep, dad called, ok, if a family member called u at mid-mid-night, they sure got something important to tell u. Force myself to wake up and answer the call, ok, quite an important thing lar.

Headache after answering that call, and I felt really lethargic, force myself to sleep again, but it didn't success after quite a long time.

3 hours later, my phone ring again……OMG, should I consider off my hp next time when I sleep?!
My housemate phone to tell me there is no electricity at house. Well, I think she will end up calling me is because I sleep like sleeping beauty a dormant bear till don't realize someone is knocking my room door. And I don't even realize there is no electricity at house until she told me.

Wake up, check the entire main electric switch at the house, and confirm that everything in the house is normal, the no-electricity things is the problem of TNB. She felt relief and went to sleep again.

And the poor weary me, struggle another 30-45min to get myself sleep again.

So don't blame me if I m having panda eyes these days, and accidentally sleep in lecture (which I stop doing that since last semester…), my sleeping rhythm is so irregular nowadays, will sleep more and take good care of my health…

Ps: I miss my secondary school days so much!!! And I think the gathering is quite useful lor…Thanks for the "Q & A" section by everyone. J

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