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Former teacher ; Current friend

According to Charles Schultz Philosophy,
The people who make a difference in your life are NOT the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.

My secondary school friend came back from Ukrain to Malaysia,
and unfortunately, he came back at the time where most of our secondary school friends r studying in KL.
The only one with holiday (Well, IMU's holiday kinda weird timing ok!!), which is me, has be the one he keep on calling out, like i m his only friend in the town.. Since he is so enthu, i so lazy oso have to go out with him lar...(Btw, i m not that lazy ok..)

Visit my former class teacher last weekend,
yeah, she is the one that CARE for us when im a secondary school student,
I almost become an actuaries under her advice!! (Too bad i cant go oversea that time..)
Anyway, it is good to chat with her like a friend now, not like last time so scare of her as a teacher.

Boon Keong insist of taking photo, so we ended up take so many photoSS..
The house
This is boon keong, he is so so slim after going overseas!!! Wanna slim down? go study abroad lar...
Another photo with miss ooi, my photo taking skill still not bad...
The poser, everyone, this guy is still SINGLE n AVAILABLE, but preference goes to Malaysian or Singaporean girls.
Oh, he is a doctor-to-be, interested? email me or leave a comment here lar....lol

My turn now
Miss ooi is so cute!
Like teacher like student! Really thank teacher for forcing me speak English last time, if not, i dono how to survive in IMU.

Well, the consequence of letting Boon Keong take photo, once he hold the camera, he will snap non-stop...that why i got so many photos with miss ooi..

Oh, Miss Ooi told us since BK is coming from oversea n become so SLIM, she decided to belanja him seafood..(@_@ sigh, only ppl came back from overseas have the privillage of getting belanja from teachers...i should go overseas study then lar!!!)
HaiLam Seafood Restaurant at Lumut Port industrial area there, the food is nice, anyone going Pangkor or factories at Lumut Port can go try the food there.
Bk first Coconut water since coming back to Malaysia

And the seafoodS!!!
I dono what this call...seashell or something like that lar..

Aur Jian
This just normal Kankung
Crab crab crab!!

BK look so happy to start eating..
Look at the mess oso know the level of hungriness of BK, still got mood to take photo of his own plate somemore...no comment

Really nice meeting with my former class teacher, I love u so much Miss Ooi!!!!
Qian - Miss Ooi - Boon Keong

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