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To everyone, this post is random, if u dont understand, just remain dont understand, i dono how to explain too.....

Semester start today. which was ...er, Great?!

Well, and i know something wrong with me recently.
The holiday was GREAT..at first, and not that good toward the end.

Don't really know how to explain the swollen eyes and crack lips.
Crack lips is because didnt drink enough water, i guess.
Swollen eyes is due to some midnight suffering, maybe.

That's all.
Oh ya, here's the weirdest part:
1. If a pastor's daughter need a counselling section from another pastor, things is getting worse, and it need to be stop before it becoming worse...
2. Best way to forgive is to forget, hope it works on someone who understand this and never practice this before.
3. Our life is very precious, its not mean to be ended by ourselves.
4. Sometimes something are easy said than done.

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