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Well i blog about the SUPER SMART girl that only get her 5th choice in applying our local uni despite getting straight 5As in STPM ..er, few days before...

Now i just got another thought,
after i read about another SUPER SMART-ER guy's news today...

That guy is the one that represent Malaysia in World Kuiz Physic Olimpik (i direct translate from sinchew daily only ok...but i know that's an extremely HARD kuiz..), and he got SILVER medal.
He is straight 5As student in STPM this year as well,
but he is luckier,
he got offer from UM to study Physic (or something related, but it's his 1st choice lar...).
And apart from that, NUS offer him to do the same course there too...

So finally he chose to go NUS in Singapore.

Ok, finish reading that make me think of this:

If that SUPER SMART girl got her 1st choice, which is UM medicine,
but at the same time she oso got an offer into NUS medicine,

Where will she go?! Will she still stick to her 1st choice in Malaysia?
Or will she make the same decision as that SUPER SMART-ER guy, further her study in Singapore as well?! (Like what she is doing now...)

Apparently she didnt got this chance to choose, but, just think of it,
if is u, which university will u choose if u got the chance to choose?

NUS? or UM?
The world top 33th university? or the world 200++++++th(?! its not in the list lar...) university?!

The university that ranked 18th to 22th to 19th to 33th from year 2004-2007?
or the university that ranked 89th to 169th to 192th to drop out of 200th from year 2004-2007?

Don forget that girl is a SUPER SMART girl!!!!

So my conclusion is,
er, ok, don make unnecessary comparison, it will make life difficult..
*ppl will make ur life difficult too*

Ya, i think too much dy.
May be eat too much Durians....@_@

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