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Busy + Tired.

ME2/o8 orientation starts today!!!

Ok, i just got one thing to say about the orientation....


Compare to last semester orientation, it is so much different, shame on us.

Anyway, good job the orientation committee...

My insomia had cured automatically after the busy weekend.
And i had one confession : I go late 15 minutes for Monday's lecture because i could not wake up ontime, so to my dear friend, if u don c me in lecture after 5 minutes the lecture start, pls consider to misscall me, i might be sleeping at home...... =_+lll

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I wonder what is insomnia is sometimes, and I had it once before, on the day my End-Of-Semester exam result out, that one is due to stress.

But yesterday night is one of the most-difficult-to-sleep nights for me...

After one day out with my dearest secondary school old friends, I felt so exhausted.

Came back home, new housemates just move in, settle some stuff with them.
Later on, reply some sms and apologize to some people.
Felt so worn-out dy, went to bed before 12am.

Maybe because too tire, or maybe lots of things bordering me, I can't bring myself to sleep.
Try a lot of way to make myself sleep, but all failed...until i started to consider sleeping at my study table…
Then for do no what reason, I manage to get myself to sleep.

Suddenly, after 1 hour of sleep, dad called, ok, if a family member called u at mid-mid-night, they sure got something important to tell u. Force myself to wake up and answer the call, ok, quite an important thing lar.

Headache after answering that call, and I felt really lethargic, force myself to sleep again, but it didn't success after quite a long time.

3 hours later, my phone ring again……OMG, should I consider off my hp next time when I sleep?!
My housemate phone to tell me there is no electricity at house. Well, I think she will end up calling me is because I sleep like sleeping beauty a dormant bear till don't realize someone is knocking my room door. And I don't even realize there is no electricity at house until she told me.

Wake up, check the entire main electric switch at the house, and confirm that everything in the house is normal, the no-electricity things is the problem of TNB. She felt relief and went to sleep again.

And the poor weary me, struggle another 30-45min to get myself sleep again.

So don't blame me if I m having panda eyes these days, and accidentally sleep in lecture (which I stop doing that since last semester…), my sleeping rhythm is so irregular nowadays, will sleep more and take good care of my health…

Ps: I miss my secondary school days so much!!! And I think the gathering is quite useful lor…Thanks for the "Q & A" section by everyone. J

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For sem 1

As a senior, we will by all means help our juniors....

So, some of us in IMU had decided to come out with a booklet with all the information for semester 1 student, and this is the page im incharge of....
and my design, ok, i admit i m not very good at arts.

After few hours of "hard work", er, actually just copy n paste lar.

Sigh, designing make me sick....i love maths more........

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First week of the semester had passed, i just cant believe i m actually in semester 4 now...well, it sound childish, but really, i still can remember the first day i step into IMU, not knowing anyone there, and all sorts of mistake make due to the naive-ness.

Coming to this semester, which we IMU-ian sometimes regard it as "honeymoon" sememster, like what the high school kids refer Form 4 as "honeymoon" year lar...
I just felt i m getting more senior now. Er, there is only 5 semester in IMU Bukit Jalil, so once u reach sem4 or sem5, the junior will see u as a very very old senior dy...(well, at least this is what i felt for sem4/5 senior when i m a sem1 junior.)

Ok, i know i crap too much.

Some happening events in IMU currently
1. IMU Cup
Congrats to M107 volley ball team for winnig the first game, keep going on, i can see all the participants are taking all the games seriously, and i really hope our batch can shine in M107, including cheerleading!!! Oh my, my whole body is so painful now....i hope its worth sacrifice for..

2. SRC Grace Sale
This morning the Student Representative Counsil(SRC) of IMU had decided to get rid of all those stuff that lost and found by the administrative department of IMU.

And, WAO, u cant believe how much things that the students lost in IMU alone, it's really surprisingly. Well, it's not a mountain of stuff lar, but judging that IMU is not that very very big anyway, the things that students lost is really ALOT...
It takes us few rounds to shift all those things from the store room on 4th floor to the atrium on the ground floor....

After 3 grace hours for letting the students claim back their stuff, all those lost and found stuff become the items of SRC Grace Sale.

Can u imagine, one plastic bottle (i mean those colourful type/"tai kong bei") are sold for RM1, one labcoat sold for RM10, Stethescope sold for RM2 (OMG, how can a student lost his/her stethescope at the first place?!!), clinical books sold for RM5, pencil case sold for RM2, umbrella sold for RM2, 5 pens solf for RM1, one tie sold for RM1, etc etc etc.....

Oh ya, and there's lots of pendrive there too...which sold for a very cheap price, er, i dono how much it's sold, i was attending Malaysian studies class at that time, not at the booth there. But one thing is I DONO WHY IMU STUDENTS TEND TO LOST THEIR PENDRIVE!!!! It's either they forget to take it after using it in the computer lab, or they drop it somewhere else and pick up by some kind fellow (like me!) and give it back to the administration office.
Sigh, this show how rich is our students.

3. Cafe in library
De Brio Cafe, the name of that cafe.
Well, it only sells cakes, breads, egg tarts, soft drinks, and coffee..more things coming soon lar.
And OH my, its just one happening place in IMU now. During lunch time, some students will have their lunch there, or buy something there, and it's always full of students!!! No wonder nowadays the cafeteria/kantin in IMU is not as crowded as last time dy...
That cafe always look crowded, as it is so small, although they put a mirror there to make it look spacious, but it seriously not work, that cafe is very very small for a sophisticated university like IMU.

4. MMS shifted to library
Well, MMS which stand for Medical Museum had moved to somewhere connected to library, and its all window-walled, meaning it's transparent everywhere.
So, IMU students, stop mess up the MMS, people outside can see what u r doing inside the MMS!!

5. New library discussion room
Oh, its all window-walled too. So students cant do anything they like in the study+discussion room now. Everyone can see through the window and knows what's going on inside!

Suddenly, i realize, IMU had started to adapt open concept, there's windows everywhere..or i should say there is "transparency" anywhere...
And IMU library had become a very nice place to study, just abit crowded sometimes and i hope they will INCREASE the number of TEXTBOOK in the library.
Can u imagine while 160+ students doing the same course, the library only have 10 text books for that course?! Students have to fight for books and student like me that is NON-NERDY type sure cant get to borrow the textbook during the peak season one lar........lol

6. M208 Orientation
It will start on 25th of August!!! So prepared for two crazy weeks in IMU agian!!!

Ok, basically that's so much to say, hopefully this will be a great semester, and i m looking forward for my changes.

Till then.

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Still surviving

I m still alive, dont worry.

New semester was ok, with lots of activities going on.
one of it, IMU Cup, the hottest topic in the university, go go go M107.

Well, have been doing some physical exercise recently, which contribute to the aches everywhere on my body. Guess this is quite a good sign lar. And i hope i will continue this lar.

Nothing much, just a post showing i m still living fine here. I wish i m lar.

Emo finish,
I promise boonkeong will put the photo he had edit in my blog, and here i go...
Friends forever, i hope it will last..
Up: Boon Keong, Diew Leong ; Down: Qian, Shan Hua.
Well, let's tell everyone something, 3 of the guys there are all SINGLE and AVAILABLE, and ok, i m asked to find someone that is suitable for them...
but u know i m not capable to do it. So, i will just leave their photos here and anyone, comment box please.

I love this cute boy more...
Cute leh..!!!!

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To everyone, this post is random, if u dont understand, just remain dont understand, i dono how to explain too.....

Semester start today. which was ...er, Great?!

Well, and i know something wrong with me recently.
The holiday was GREAT..at first, and not that good toward the end.

Don't really know how to explain the swollen eyes and crack lips.
Crack lips is because didnt drink enough water, i guess.
Swollen eyes is due to some midnight suffering, maybe.

That's all.
Oh ya, here's the weirdest part:
1. If a pastor's daughter need a counselling section from another pastor, things is getting worse, and it need to be stop before it becoming worse...
2. Best way to forgive is to forget, hope it works on someone who understand this and never practice this before.
3. Our life is very precious, its not mean to be ended by ourselves.
4. Sometimes something are easy said than done.

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Penang of Mian is

Perak's neighbour state
Good food state
DAP's state
Orang Cina dominating state (?! this is crap only)

Well, i fly back from Kuching to Penang International Airport last time, and Mian so so excited to bring me around Penang. and this photo is copy paste from facebook...
I think that tour contribute to my weight gain during the holiday.....OMG. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE....everyone, pls FORCE me to do so!!!!!!!

First must show the food first...
Oh, Penang Laksa
This one is Mango Puding, we eat at a restaurant in Gurney Plaza, forget what's the name...
Well, Mian make me take the reserve card and the table reserve number, er...because she want to took some great picture, looks terrible i know...(O, i mean myself, not mian's photos's skill..)

3rd longest bridge in Asia?! ok, i m not good in Geography, correct me if i m wrong...
Sky...i'm loving it!
Sky...again, its nice lar..
360 Water Front venue of Queen Elizabeth II
Oh, i just realize i had not been on ferry for so many years dy...thanks mian!
I m thinking about...what do u think?! xoxo

Random shoot when we came back by ferry from the island, and ok, we scream real loud n scared when the worker open the door of ferry like 10 minutes before we reach the port...OMG, phobia lar........
Never be the first car to enter Ferry if u have phobia of water or anything high...Mian Li and I r so afraid that once the ferry sail unstablely, our car will drop down into sea and.......OUCH, scary moment...

Ok, i miss Penang!

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Former teacher ; Current friend

According to Charles Schultz Philosophy,
The people who make a difference in your life are NOT the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.

My secondary school friend came back from Ukrain to Malaysia,
and unfortunately, he came back at the time where most of our secondary school friends r studying in KL.
The only one with holiday (Well, IMU's holiday kinda weird timing ok!!), which is me, has be the one he keep on calling out, like i m his only friend in the town.. Since he is so enthu, i so lazy oso have to go out with him lar...(Btw, i m not that lazy ok..)

Visit my former class teacher last weekend,
yeah, she is the one that CARE for us when im a secondary school student,
I almost become an actuaries under her advice!! (Too bad i cant go oversea that time..)
Anyway, it is good to chat with her like a friend now, not like last time so scare of her as a teacher.

Boon Keong insist of taking photo, so we ended up take so many photoSS..
The house
This is boon keong, he is so so slim after going overseas!!! Wanna slim down? go study abroad lar...
Another photo with miss ooi, my photo taking skill still not bad...
The poser, everyone, this guy is still SINGLE n AVAILABLE, but preference goes to Malaysian or Singaporean girls.
Oh, he is a doctor-to-be, interested? email me or leave a comment here lar....lol

My turn now
Miss ooi is so cute!
Like teacher like student! Really thank teacher for forcing me speak English last time, if not, i dono how to survive in IMU.

Well, the consequence of letting Boon Keong take photo, once he hold the camera, he will snap non-stop...that why i got so many photos with miss ooi..

Oh, Miss Ooi told us since BK is coming from oversea n become so SLIM, she decided to belanja him seafood..(@_@ sigh, only ppl came back from overseas have the privillage of getting belanja from teachers...i should go overseas study then lar!!!)
HaiLam Seafood Restaurant at Lumut Port industrial area there, the food is nice, anyone going Pangkor or factories at Lumut Port can go try the food there.
Bk first Coconut water since coming back to Malaysia

And the seafoodS!!!
I dono what this call...seashell or something like that lar..

Aur Jian
This just normal Kankung
Crab crab crab!!

BK look so happy to start eating..
Look at the mess oso know the level of hungriness of BK, still got mood to take photo of his own plate somemore...no comment

Really nice meeting with my former class teacher, I love u so much Miss Ooi!!!!
Qian - Miss Ooi - Boon Keong

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Of foods n friends

Ok, i m still stuck in my hometown, sigh, want to go back KL early oso kenot.
Nvm lar, think i need to spend more time with my family.

So i realize i had not post up photo here n since the streamyx is working quite well today, so i decided to upload some photos. Pls make sure u had taken ur meal before viewing, dont drool in front of ur computer...

Kuching has alot of nice food, and most of it r foochow food, so looks quite familiar to me, a sitiawan foochow...
Cha Siew Kolo mee
I forget the name of this dish.
Sarawak Laksa n popiah behind
Ps: Penang Laksa taste better....
Tomato sos ho fan
Tomato sos mee
Sorry, i oso forget the name of this dish...
This is not food obviously, but the la mian here is nice!
Sushi king, saja show only...

Woo, and the food we enjoy the MOST:

Sunny hill ice-cream
OMG, i suddenly have craving for ice-cream dy lar.....

So, don ask us why we keep on complaining ourselves r too fat after that one week....because the food is so attracting..

And, Bukit Jalil Family Park, here i come...gonna jog there once school reopen.
Everyone, pls FORCE me to do that, i really need it!!!!

Then, the cat museum...dono why, most of the photo we took in Kuching r in cat musuem..
And, i have a confession: We didnt pay for taking photos inside the museum, because no one seem to be bordered us and no one stop us from taking photos there. (Although it is stated that RM5 for one camera....)

The cat...ugly rite?
The cat that "welcome" us in the musuem, but not sincere at all, not even look at the camera...so do i...

One hundred cat and A rat, can u spot the rat?!

Rachel pretty girl!!!!
Sorry i lazy to upload one by one, just combine everything here lar...

Other photo, just random-ly take one...
Diana Ngu another preety girl - Me - Mian Li the other preety n enthusiastic girl.
*Wonder why i so lucky can go for a trip with so many preety girls....hahaha...*

Next the "new" cool destination one must visit in Kuching,
Mian will be the ambasser of this place.....
*ting ting* haha, the full-of-memory atap house we went to.
Scenary from the Atap house nice right?
Can camwhore there somemore...

Ok, i m just kidding, actually we stuck half way on our way to Sematang, the car temperature went so high up till all of us so scare of it will explode n spoilt.
So we dont have the gut to continue the journey. Pusing balik instead.
Anyway, the scenary there very nice wor...

The hospital we doing elective.
Normah Medical Specialist centre

Oya, this, the fastfood restaurant that not found in Penisular Malaysia
Sugar Bun

really thanks Diana n the family for letting us to stay there n have such a great time in Kuching, really enjoy it!!!
Thank you card

Shall visit Kuching one day if i got chance, but hope i wont nearly missed the flight again....

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