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Taking-a-bus-balik-kampung phobia

This post contain WORDS only, don read if u don like reading an essay..

Ok, i had warn u.........

Well, i had not been online these few days, because i FORGOT to pay the internet bill at my house in KL so cant online when i m in KL...Sigh..

Just a thought, yesterday my friend ask me a question,
"u prefer city life or town life?"

I really dono how to answer leh, when i m in city, i totally enjoy the vibriant lifestyle here, but when i go back to my hometown, i like the peaceful life here.... I miss my hometown alot when i m in KL, but i miss KL life when i m in my hometown..

Maybe this a good thing, as ALOT of city ppl cant adapt well in a town but a small town girl like me have no problem living in BOTH city and town..

Ok,may be i should discuss abot it next time. and YEAH, my 4 days in KL is fun, not that productive, but AGAIN, alot of things happen (as usual).


Friday, i went out in the afternoon, and guess what, THE BUS SPOILT HALF WAY in the HIGHWAY...well, this my first time experience this, waiting at the roadside at the highway, dono where on earth is the ground i m standing at, and watching BIG cars and small cars passing by...
Luckily i went with my dear friend, siew Wen, both of us got partner.

And on the bus, both of us find out that we will attend the SAME seminar tomorow, what a coincidence..


Saturday, morning go IMU settle all my things (eg,library fine, help my friend take her result slip, printing some document...etc..)
afternoon went to a seminar as a VOLUNTEER. This is the seminar that both me and siew wen find out that we actually will meet again here while chatting on the bus yesterday.

Ok, this is my 1st time to become a volunteer, and yeah, i saw Hannah Yeoh and Edward Ling, the ADUN of Subang Jaya and her politic secretary. WOW... the ADUN's speech really AMAZING!!!

Oh, it was not a political seminar, don worry, i know i m still under University Act... and i don wan to get an warning letter from my uni for involving in politics...


Sunday, went KLCC, watched 'Get Smart' with my another friend, then the rest of the day spend ironing the MOUNTAIN of clothes that i left uniron in KL when i got back hometown last week.


Monday, morning went for the feedback on my End of Semester Exam, and when it comes to taking a bus back n fro my hometown, something must happen, and yes,


What i can remember now is i was so anxious in the LRT station when i knew that i m gonna to be late, and that LRT still arrive at my station so late, and when i reach Pudu Raya Station, the bus had left, means my bus ticket is wasted!!!

Sigh, no choice, i had to buy another bus ticket to go back hometown, so i ended up sitting at Puduraya bus station for >1 hours just to wait for another bus!!
Ok, i m not gonna to let this happen again, if so many things keep on happen when i went back to my hometown or go to KL, i will develope a kind of syndrome call "Taking-a-bus-balik-kampung phobia", and i hope i wont get that...

OMG, i m suppose to sleep now, cause i m flying off to Kuching tomorow.

Till then.

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