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Well, studying in a private uni means my semester break n year end holiday is very different from alot of my secondary school friends...who went to local uni......

I dono about other ppl, but i m just a normal girl that went through normal education system in Malaysia...including STPM(not like these ppl...)

Before enter IMU, i dont even know that there is people who pay to complete their UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM..(the only pay school i know is 独中, but i can understand that cause they r following Taiwan education system)
After 1 and half year in IMU, i realize that there is actually so many *too-much-money-to-spend* parents that send their children to private school, or some international school.

Actually i still don understand, those parents actually believe that by paying extra for their children education fees (apart from what our government had been sponsering), the children will become smarter?

Does it really matter? Try asking those doing SAM or A level in some college..
"why u don choose STPM or matriculation?"

"Oh, STPM is so hard!" (R u sure?)
"Oh, i don wan enter local U" (really?!)
"Oh, u know lar, we r chinese/indian, the chances of enter local U is so slim" (Do u know that i got chinese n indian friends who got 3A1B in STPM but still get Medicine in local u?!)
"Oh, i wan to go overseas" (answer by some rich *parent's* kids)
"Oh, i cant get into matriculation lar" (The only answer that i can accept)
"Oh, local uni's quality is deteriorating now-a-days, so why bother enter?" (well, i partially accept this answer)


Ok, i know i ended up in a private uni too, because i didnt go to the local uni i was supposed to go last year..but i just wana say if u can get into local uni then just go lor.


I remember few days ago read from sinchew jit poh the girl who got 5As in STPM cannot get her 1st choice, get 5th choice in stead...OMG!!

But after my analysis, i wont be surprise she didnt get her choice,
because, althought i got one A- in my STPM result, my overall marks to enter uni is higher than her!! ...i got 3rd choice...

To enter local uni now, 90% base on academic result n 10% on co-curiculum marks.

Here is the comparison btw me n that girl..

The girl : academic = 4.0 = 90% ; cocuriculum (according to newspaper) = 59 = 5.9%
Overall --- 95.9%

Me : academic = 3.92 = 88.2% ; cocuriculum = 89.5 = 8.95%
Overall --- 97.15%

So now tell me who stand a higher chance to get a better course in local uni?!

A student with 5As or 3A1A- in STPM?!


Well, i m not say that the girl is not smart, she is SO SUPER smart that got into NUS medicine! which i fail to get into..
Just to tell everyone don be upset if u cant get into local u, and don think that a straight As in STPM will bring u into Medic course in UM...(U WISH!!)

Oh, UKM medic is better that UM medic for ur info.. I m saying this cause u heard so many case of wrong treatment that cause patients suffer in General Hospital Klang right? That's the trainee hospital for UM medic students.
Have u heard any wrong treatment in HUKM?!
So JUDGE urself!

Okok, enough critic! i know i m not suppose to blog about that, but once typing everything come to my mind...

Yesterday my secondary friend that back from Ukraine DRAG me to my secondary school.
He wanted to visit the teachers...
Well its great to visit the teachers lar, suddenly i feel like becoming back the secondary school me, GREAT! but life must go on....i know.

Ok, i admit many of this 'building' appear after we left the school, including the hall, so can u imagine we all have our 1 hour assembly weekly at the school field under the hot sun throughout our 5 years in the school.

The canteen food that boon keong FORCE me to go eat...sigh, but its cheap n delicious!

So now i m happier dy, reminiscing is so great!!

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