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I used to complain Malaysia's politic world is so boring...

until the politic tsunami on march, our country's politic had became a very interesting one..

Our dear pak lah is full of surpriseSSS! Always came out with different policy..
He is a good PM , just sometime he had make some difficult-to-understand decision.

I cant elaborate more, still don understand why Malaysian government DONT allow university students join politic!!! University students will make our politic world more interesting, or even better i guess...
That Univeresity Act had restrict us so much...!!

Well, read from somewhere there is going to be some major political event happen in this coming september, scary, but kind of interesting, just wait n c...

Enough politics,

This is some photos taken in Kuching,
I like the sky there, its so nice!!

Let's love each other like the cats ... lol.


We all just imitate Jocelyn-the poser....

I tell u Jocelyn is a real poser, and she really is..... Cutest girl in my uni!!!

Mian Li make me the only constant variable in that restaurant, so now i shall show one of her EMO photo *unedited* here..

Group photos

Q-R-M-D-J....i lazy edit it lar, don copy this photo from my blog lor...

The emo-iest photo taken ever...the consequence of saying Jocelyn is cute...:((

Still got more photos but i think i will only upload it when the internet explorer wont close down itself suddenly n made me loss all my data....:x

Ps: 2 elections in a year is such a funny decision!!

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