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Well, i m having holiday now and i should be blogging more often, but i found myself blog less than when i m having exam,
Ok, busy *sleeping* is a reason, lazy is another.......

So, the 6 weeks break is not that relaxing actually...

1st week spent anticipating n worrying n waiting for the exam result.
....Because only after 4 July we can really declare our independency n enjoy our real holiday (to be exact is 2 weeks holiday n 3 weeks elective)

2nd week spent doing some volunteering job and spending some times with my parents and friends.
It's really exciting to do some volunteering job sometimes, u get to learn alot of new things and get to attend the seminar for free and get to know alot of friends and get to hear speech from a opposition politician, cool experience for me i can say.

3rd week spent in Kuching, actually we r there on the reason of doing some hospital attachment at a hospital there (well, we did went to the hospital ---but---- for 3 hours per day only), the rest of the time is just eating, shopping, yumcha-ing, and holiday-ing...

Our dear host, Diana had did a fantastic job bringing us around. Really really THANKS her for driving us n cracking her head to think of where to bring us. (As u know, sometimes girls like us tend to be abit picky and mafan)

And the room we stay there *for free* is really great, well, Diana's aunt house is very very super big that i need to admit one truth, even the maid's room in that house is bigger than my room in my house. (I m really serious, my room don even have a TV with Astro, the maid's room there have ALL)

I do take alot of photos there but i think i will upload it when i think i should do so...

Obviously i m not a good promoter of AirAsia, thats why the person in arrow behind trying to stop us from taking photos...

Ok, i m just kidding, actually i dono what is she doing there...

And Kuching food is nice, the MUST-try Kuching food Kolo Mee is really really delicious!!!
Well, according to my friend, kolomee is foochow food..
But i really cannot differentiate the difference of kolo mee n kam buan mee, in my hometown (which is oso a foochow area), this 2 means the same dishes.....

So now i m in the 4th week of my holiday, which means that my official holiday had finish, the next 3 weeks is scheduled for elective.
Meaning that i need to do something related to health like hospital attachment / volunteering job in some health center / attending some medical related seminar in this 3 weeks and submit a report when school reopen.

And obviously this is just the official statement of our uni, which students will probably do the elective for 1 week only and bluf that they did it for 3 weeks. I guess.

But i think i m not one of them....i hope so.

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