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Sometime we live under people's expectation.

If u r from a good family,
ppl expect u to be a good child.

I m talking about myself here,
In my hometown, i m from a good family(parent's are leaders in church),
but i always dont think that i m a good child...

...I know i m not a good role model in church n school actually...

recently, i discovered there is some children from a good family oso don behave as one good child.....

I witness this incidence recently..

A couple, married few years ago, the wife just give birth recently, 3rd child.
One night, the wife phone her close friend, Cry...n scream n whip n cry more....
Because she suspect that her husband is going out with another young girl.
The close friend phone someone more experience in counselling,
and together they found out that the husband really is having an affair with the young girl.

The young girl is from a very good family - parents are doctors.
And that having-an-affair husband thought that he had got a very rich girl friend, he is very happy somemore, hope to get some advantage from the young girl...

The counseller phone the young girl's mum,
(small town lar, everyone know each other...and its so easy to get someone phone number...)
the mum was shocked!! She keep on saying "IMPOSSIBLE" when the counseller ask her,
"Do u know that the guy that ur daughter went out with now is ppl's husband?"

Apparently the parents dono that their *supposed good child* daughter is going out with someone's husband..

So the next day, the counseller n the wife's close friend went to visit the young girl's parents.

and guess what?! The funniest lamest unexpected outcome i ever witness of...

The girl was at home too, and this what they found out...

The young girl is doing a very good course now (not very lar, same as me lor, jst she is doing at oversea), and she already had a very good and highly educated boyfriend.

This is what she told the counseller:
"aiya, i only go out play play with him (that husband) mar, he only have Form 1 education level, how can i be serious with him.."
This is what the mum say:
"Yalor, this thing definitely will not happen in my family one, we wont accept that guy (that husband) no matter how one.., i m so glad u phone n inform me this incident, my daughter wont see that guy anymore..."

Oh, a happy ending for the young girl, the wife, the counseller, the wife's closed friend, and the young girl parents.

But...for that husband, i only got one word for him (forgive my rudeness) -- STUPID!!!
He think that he had got hold of a rich girlfriend n want to cheat his wife,
he expect to get some advantage from that rich young girl,
now PADAN MUKA -nya.

So now the counseller had talk to the poor wife, and had convince her to forgive the husband. Husband learn a lesson and keep on asking the wife for forgiveness now.
The young girl still continue her relationship with the highly educated boyfriend..

My conclusion,
1. If u r from a good family, ppl expect u to be a good child, so be a good child.
2. If u want to have an affair, use ur BIG BRAIN to think first, u think so easy to cheat ppl meh? u think everyone so STUPID like u wont suspect anything meh?
3. Sometime just go travel around the small town, u will discover n witness alot of interesting gossip of the town...:p

=Story END=

Ps: Who can teach me how to change blog template, i had try 1000 time but still cannot change. =_=lll

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