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4th July

is American Independent day (i never check the accuracy ok, heard from Dr Thani one..)

And it really a long day for me.

Surprisingly i wake up so early this morning (Ya, even my mum oso cant believe that)..
Not because i want to wake up, is because i really cant sleep AT ALL..
Now i know what's the meaning of INSOMIA, i m trying so hard to sleep and forget all the doubts and suspends, but i just cant sleep!!!

Ohh, yesterday i still sleep till miss the class gathering and didnt hear my friends reminding call, today i cant sleep at all...sigh..

Ok, 10am pass dy......so tonight i shall sleep well..

All the best for all my IMU-mate in the result taking.

-----Just let me EMO-ing sometime, till then--------
*...Ignore the rest of this post...*

Another 2 random photo....
this photo is for yvloi sake, I DIDNT WEAR IT WHEN I TAKE THE PHOTO

This photo remind me of my long long hair...
Ok, THEY R NOT MY CHILDREN, they r my church members' cute kids...

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