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Sometime we live under people's expectation.

If u r from a good family,
ppl expect u to be a good child.

I m talking about myself here,
In my hometown, i m from a good family(parent's are leaders in church),
but i always dont think that i m a good child...

...I know i m not a good role model in church n school actually...

recently, i discovered there is some children from a good family oso don behave as one good child.....

I witness this incidence recently..

A couple, married few years ago, the wife just give birth recently, 3rd child.
One night, the wife phone her close friend, Cry...n scream n whip n cry more....
Because she suspect that her husband is going out with another young girl.
The close friend phone someone more experience in counselling,
and together they found out that the husband really is having an affair with the young girl.

The young girl is from a very good family - parents are doctors.
And that having-an-affair husband thought that he had got a very rich girl friend, he is very happy somemore, hope to get some advantage from the young girl...

The counseller phone the young girl's mum,
(small town lar, everyone know each other...and its so easy to get someone phone number...)
the mum was shocked!! She keep on saying "IMPOSSIBLE" when the counseller ask her,
"Do u know that the guy that ur daughter went out with now is ppl's husband?"

Apparently the parents dono that their *supposed good child* daughter is going out with someone's husband..

So the next day, the counseller n the wife's close friend went to visit the young girl's parents.

and guess what?! The funniest lamest unexpected outcome i ever witness of...

The girl was at home too, and this what they found out...

The young girl is doing a very good course now (not very lar, same as me lor, jst she is doing at oversea), and she already had a very good and highly educated boyfriend.

This is what she told the counseller:
"aiya, i only go out play play with him (that husband) mar, he only have Form 1 education level, how can i be serious with him.."
This is what the mum say:
"Yalor, this thing definitely will not happen in my family one, we wont accept that guy (that husband) no matter how one.., i m so glad u phone n inform me this incident, my daughter wont see that guy anymore..."

Oh, a happy ending for the young girl, the wife, the counseller, the wife's closed friend, and the young girl parents.

But...for that husband, i only got one word for him (forgive my rudeness) -- STUPID!!!
He think that he had got hold of a rich girlfriend n want to cheat his wife,
he expect to get some advantage from that rich young girl,
now PADAN MUKA -nya.

So now the counseller had talk to the poor wife, and had convince her to forgive the husband. Husband learn a lesson and keep on asking the wife for forgiveness now.
The young girl still continue her relationship with the highly educated boyfriend..

My conclusion,
1. If u r from a good family, ppl expect u to be a good child, so be a good child.
2. If u want to have an affair, use ur BIG BRAIN to think first, u think so easy to cheat ppl meh? u think everyone so STUPID like u wont suspect anything meh?
3. Sometime just go travel around the small town, u will discover n witness alot of interesting gossip of the town...:p

=Story END=

Ps: Who can teach me how to change blog template, i had try 1000 time but still cannot change. =_=lll

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Chua Clinic #2

**This is just appendix**

......Tuberculosis(TB) is spread from person-to-person through the air by droplet nuclei that contain M.Tuberculosis.
Droplet nuclei are produced when person with pulmonary / laryngeal TB cough, sneeze, speak, or sing.
M.Tuberculosis infection occurs if after inhalation of infective droplet nuclei, viable bacilli survive initial host defenses.......

- from one medical text book.


到Liver Cirrhosis
到Mitral Stenosis
到Acute MI
到Lung collapse
到Angioneurotic oedema
到Ankle effusion





X-ray一出来医生告诉我这是interesting case,叫我去检查那病人,也顺便问一些问题。

这是个Tuberculosis case,
我听见了Crackle breath sound,

这病人走后,我突然想到,那病人在我面前cough了很多次,也跟我讲了很多话!(refer Appendix)
我有BCG,上次又没事做跑去做Monteux Test(免费啊),照x-ray,100%征实没有病啦。

在Gombak原著民医院里也有几个 TB 病人,当时Lecturer要分派一些学生到那病房检查这些病人,

大叫了一声,“Har?! TB 病人啊!”


还会不会再说:“Har?! TB 病人啊!”



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I used to complain Malaysia's politic world is so boring...

until the politic tsunami on march, our country's politic had became a very interesting one..

Our dear pak lah is full of surpriseSSS! Always came out with different policy..
He is a good PM , just sometime he had make some difficult-to-understand decision.

I cant elaborate more, still don understand why Malaysian government DONT allow university students join politic!!! University students will make our politic world more interesting, or even better i guess...
That Univeresity Act had restrict us so much...!!

Well, read from somewhere there is going to be some major political event happen in this coming september, scary, but kind of interesting, just wait n c...

Enough politics,

This is some photos taken in Kuching,
I like the sky there, its so nice!!

Let's love each other like the cats ... lol.


We all just imitate Jocelyn-the poser....

I tell u Jocelyn is a real poser, and she really is..... Cutest girl in my uni!!!

Mian Li make me the only constant variable in that restaurant, so now i shall show one of her EMO photo *unedited* here..

Group photos

Q-R-M-D-J....i lazy edit it lar, don copy this photo from my blog lor...

The emo-iest photo taken ever...the consequence of saying Jocelyn is cute...:((

Still got more photos but i think i will only upload it when the internet explorer wont close down itself suddenly n made me loss all my data....:x

Ps: 2 elections in a year is such a funny decision!!

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Well, studying in a private uni means my semester break n year end holiday is very different from alot of my secondary school friends...who went to local uni......

I dono about other ppl, but i m just a normal girl that went through normal education system in Malaysia...including STPM(not like these ppl...)

Before enter IMU, i dont even know that there is people who pay to complete their UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM..(the only pay school i know is 独中, but i can understand that cause they r following Taiwan education system)
After 1 and half year in IMU, i realize that there is actually so many *too-much-money-to-spend* parents that send their children to private school, or some international school.

Actually i still don understand, those parents actually believe that by paying extra for their children education fees (apart from what our government had been sponsering), the children will become smarter?

Does it really matter? Try asking those doing SAM or A level in some college..
"why u don choose STPM or matriculation?"

"Oh, STPM is so hard!" (R u sure?)
"Oh, i don wan enter local U" (really?!)
"Oh, u know lar, we r chinese/indian, the chances of enter local U is so slim" (Do u know that i got chinese n indian friends who got 3A1B in STPM but still get Medicine in local u?!)
"Oh, i wan to go overseas" (answer by some rich *parent's* kids)
"Oh, i cant get into matriculation lar" (The only answer that i can accept)
"Oh, local uni's quality is deteriorating now-a-days, so why bother enter?" (well, i partially accept this answer)


Ok, i know i ended up in a private uni too, because i didnt go to the local uni i was supposed to go last year..but i just wana say if u can get into local uni then just go lor.


I remember few days ago read from sinchew jit poh the girl who got 5As in STPM cannot get her 1st choice, get 5th choice in stead...OMG!!

But after my analysis, i wont be surprise she didnt get her choice,
because, althought i got one A- in my STPM result, my overall marks to enter uni is higher than her!! ...i got 3rd choice...

To enter local uni now, 90% base on academic result n 10% on co-curiculum marks.

Here is the comparison btw me n that girl..

The girl : academic = 4.0 = 90% ; cocuriculum (according to newspaper) = 59 = 5.9%
Overall --- 95.9%

Me : academic = 3.92 = 88.2% ; cocuriculum = 89.5 = 8.95%
Overall --- 97.15%

So now tell me who stand a higher chance to get a better course in local uni?!

A student with 5As or 3A1A- in STPM?!


Well, i m not say that the girl is not smart, she is SO SUPER smart that got into NUS medicine! which i fail to get into..
Just to tell everyone don be upset if u cant get into local u, and don think that a straight As in STPM will bring u into Medic course in UM...(U WISH!!)

Oh, UKM medic is better that UM medic for ur info.. I m saying this cause u heard so many case of wrong treatment that cause patients suffer in General Hospital Klang right? That's the trainee hospital for UM medic students.
Have u heard any wrong treatment in HUKM?!
So JUDGE urself!

Okok, enough critic! i know i m not suppose to blog about that, but once typing everything come to my mind...

Yesterday my secondary friend that back from Ukraine DRAG me to my secondary school.
He wanted to visit the teachers...
Well its great to visit the teachers lar, suddenly i feel like becoming back the secondary school me, GREAT! but life must go on....i know.

Ok, i admit many of this 'building' appear after we left the school, including the hall, so can u imagine we all have our 1 hour assembly weekly at the school field under the hot sun throughout our 5 years in the school.

The canteen food that boon keong FORCE me to go eat...sigh, but its cheap n delicious!

So now i m happier dy, reminiscing is so great!!

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Chua Clinic #1



...另外40%是还没有学过的东西! (我知道有点夸张,算了吧,我很久没有用夸张手法写作文了。:P)



他是我中学时期的学校董事长 - 我念过两所中学,AT和NH,因为AT学校没有中六班,导致我的两年中六生涯“无聊”地在NH学校度过。



诊疗所里设备大致上蛮齐全的,应有尽有。Ultrasound, X-ray, Fundoscope, ECG, 等等,可谓“麻雀虽小,五脏俱全”。(这谚语不是我想到的,是曾经一位病人告诉我的!)


(我指的是从Pulau Pangkor来到Lumut再到Sitiawan看病的“精神可佳”病人)




“ 医生啊,我最近有点头晕,头痛,没有力,没有胃口,肚子痛,很累。 ”

“ 你跟谁住在一起?平时吃些什么? ” 医生大致检查她后问到。

“ 我啊,一个人住,平时就随便吃咯,医生我可不可以去医院住 ” 老婆婆说着,此刻她的眼框开始湿了,但她没有哭。

“ 你的孩子呢? ” 医生大致安慰她后问。

“ 他们多数都在外地 ” 老婆婆白发苍苍,无奈的回答。

“ 你一个人住有点危险,你的孩子有没有打算带你去老人院? ” 医生意识到这并非普通的病例,老婆婆最大的问题不在于她的身体,乃是social problem...

“ 没有啦,他们说去老人院要付钱,不要送我去。 ” 老婆婆用手将眼眶中的泪水擦去了,但她还是没有哭。

“ 我这样的状况会死吗?我看死了算了吧,就算了吧.... ” 老婆婆此刻卧在诊疗室里的病床上,医生刚刚检查完毕。

“ 你的孩子有来吗? ” 医生问。

“ 他在外面。 ”













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Well, i m having holiday now and i should be blogging more often, but i found myself blog less than when i m having exam,
Ok, busy *sleeping* is a reason, lazy is another.......

So, the 6 weeks break is not that relaxing actually...

1st week spent anticipating n worrying n waiting for the exam result.
....Because only after 4 July we can really declare our independency n enjoy our real holiday (to be exact is 2 weeks holiday n 3 weeks elective)

2nd week spent doing some volunteering job and spending some times with my parents and friends.
It's really exciting to do some volunteering job sometimes, u get to learn alot of new things and get to attend the seminar for free and get to know alot of friends and get to hear speech from a opposition politician, cool experience for me i can say.

3rd week spent in Kuching, actually we r there on the reason of doing some hospital attachment at a hospital there (well, we did went to the hospital ---but---- for 3 hours per day only), the rest of the time is just eating, shopping, yumcha-ing, and holiday-ing...

Our dear host, Diana had did a fantastic job bringing us around. Really really THANKS her for driving us n cracking her head to think of where to bring us. (As u know, sometimes girls like us tend to be abit picky and mafan)

And the room we stay there *for free* is really great, well, Diana's aunt house is very very super big that i need to admit one truth, even the maid's room in that house is bigger than my room in my house. (I m really serious, my room don even have a TV with Astro, the maid's room there have ALL)

I do take alot of photos there but i think i will upload it when i think i should do so...

Obviously i m not a good promoter of AirAsia, thats why the person in arrow behind trying to stop us from taking photos...

Ok, i m just kidding, actually i dono what is she doing there...

And Kuching food is nice, the MUST-try Kuching food Kolo Mee is really really delicious!!!
Well, according to my friend, kolomee is foochow food..
But i really cannot differentiate the difference of kolo mee n kam buan mee, in my hometown (which is oso a foochow area), this 2 means the same dishes.....

So now i m in the 4th week of my holiday, which means that my official holiday had finish, the next 3 weeks is scheduled for elective.
Meaning that i need to do something related to health like hospital attachment / volunteering job in some health center / attending some medical related seminar in this 3 weeks and submit a report when school reopen.

And obviously this is just the official statement of our uni, which students will probably do the elective for 1 week only and bluf that they did it for 3 weeks. I guess.

But i think i m not one of them....i hope so.

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Was checking all my mailSSSS recently, its just so many, and i found this interesting mails.

I wonder who is the author behind this, but really salute that person!!

Share here, and yupe, i m proud to be a Chinese, and also, i m so proud to say that i m a pure Chinese, a chinese that can speak, write, read Chinese, can u?! (quite a no of my uni-mate cant do that one ok!!!)


What makes Chinese-CHINESE?

Please check the list to see how Chinese you or your friends really are:
There are 29 waysto know if you're Chinese. You will laugh at yourself when you read all of them.

1. You unwrap gifts very carefully, so you can save and reuse the wrapping
(and especially those ribbons).

2. When there is a sale on toilet paper, you buy 100 rolls and store them in your closet or in the bedroom of an adult child who has move out.

3. You keep a Thermos of hot water available at all times.

4. You save grocery bags, tin foil, and tin containers. You use the grocery bags to hold garbage.

5. You hate to waste food:
(a) Even if you're totally full, if someone says they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table, you'll finish them. (Your mom will give a lecture about starving kids in Africa ).
(b) You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.

6. You don't own any real Tupperware- only a cupboard full of used but
carefully rinsed margarine tubs, take out containers, and jam jars.

7. You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles that you take every
time you stay in a hotel.

8. You wipe your plate and utensils or wash them in a small basin of hot
water before you eat every time you go to a restaurant.

9 . You own a rice cooker and a slow cooker

10. You wash your rice at least 2-3 times before cooking it.

11. You fight (literally) over who pays the dinner bill.

12. You have a teacup with a cover on it.

13. If you're under age 20, you own a really expensive walkman if you're
over 20, you own a really expensive camera.

14. You're a wok user.

15. You only make long distance calls after 7pm.

16. You prefer your shrimp with the heads and legs still attached-it,
means they're fresh.

17. You never call your parents just to say, ' Hi. '

18. If you don't live at home, when your parents call, they'll ask if you've eaten, even if it's midnight.

19. Your parents tell you to boil herbs and stay indoors when you get
sick. They also tell you not to eat fried foods or baked foods because
such food are ' heaty' (yeet hey in Cantonese).

20. You e-mail your Chinese friends at work, even though you only sit 10 feet apart.

21. You always cook too much.

22. You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but don't eat the last
piece of food on the table.

23. You starve yourself before going to ' All You Can Eat ' buffet.

24. You know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or
electronics, computers.

25 . You own your own meat cleaver and sharpen it.

26. Your toothpaste tubes are all squeezed paper-thin.

27. You call a sausage a hotdog.

28. You wrap with napkins all the knives, spoons and forks of the airline that you fly on and put in your travel-bag as souvenirs

29. You never forget to take with you all the unused bath and facial tissues when you check out from the hotel because you believe that you have paid its all.

Now that you have read the lot, are they mostly true? Will you take this
message and forward it to all your Chinese friends, because you will
always be proud that you're indeed a great Chinese...


Chinese?! *high-five!* :)

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I always proud of myself being an alert and quick understand student, until recently....

My blurness had become worse before i came to realize that... From missing lrt/ktm in KL to missing bus to go back Perak to.........@@@@@@@@

So i recall back what are the blur things i had done recently, mostly related to taking a public transport back home....

In mid June, which is 2 weeks before my BIG exam, i decided to go back hometown celebrate Father's day with my dear family, and coincidencely (which is unfortunately for yvloi), my best and hometown friend in IMU, yvloi still in KL and wanted to go back hometown too, so both of us decided to take the bus balik kampung together....

But, due to i want to attend the Thank You party of Mezhen after her winning of my uni Student Representative Council Vice President pose, yvloi agree to go back at night with me, which is after i attend the ThankYou party....

So, my blurness record start:

#1 I nearly miss the ThankYou Party...
1 hours before the party, Daniel come to my place to take the picture of MMS, and my laptope is too slow to copy all the things into the pendrive, so i wasted up 2 hours copy-ing data into the pendrive and late for the ThankYou Party.

When i reach there, some of the friends already went back and not much food left...
I cant believe i will be so late for a party like this....sigh..

After that party me n my friends head straight to PuduRaya to take bus back,

#2 I missed the 10.30pm bus...
Solution is we wait at PuduRaya for the 12am bus to go back hometown.

Finish celebrating Father's day and i should go back to KL,

#3 I missed the afternoon bus going back to KL
All the tickets are SOLD out cause i forgot to buy it earlier.
So i went back KL at night and again reach puduraya at 12am.....

I thought i had enough of blurness and missing buses, so i told myself next time should buy the tickets earlier.

Ok, after finish my exam and i decided to go back hometown,
I met with a hometown friend who wanted to go back hometown too, so we decided to go back together....

#4 I was late that day and nearly miss the bus.
Thanks God this time my friend's sister is going back too and she arrive at puduraya earlier, she is there asking the bus driver to wait for me n my friend.
So, the whole bus waiting n bus depart late because of my #4 blurness....

And i got home safe.
Then, i went back KL again for the feedback class in my uni and did some volunteering job, and when i wanted to balik kampung,

#5 I missed the 1.45pm bus (AGAIN)
Due to my blurness few times before, i had bought the ticket earlier so to make sure i know when should i go to the bus station...
But i still miss the bus and need to buy another bus ticket back...

So then i went to Kuching.
and the #6 blurness is the blurness i believe i will N.E.V.E.R E.V.E.R repeat again in future...

#6 I nearly missed my FLIGHT back to Penang...
I really dono what's wrong with me now, i do print out my flight ticket, but i didnt double check it on the day of my departure from Kuching.
My friend told me our flight is on 8.45pm (which is actually 8.15pm), at first i thought 8.45pm sound abit weird, but i didnt bother to go n clear my doubt cause i think maybe i remember the time wrongly and the flight is actually 8.45pm...

So, on the last day of me in Kuching, we arrive at the airport at 7.45pm...
and we found out that the counter for checked in is CLOSED.

We are so panic and SHOCK!!!

Luckily, after begging the officer of AirAsia (showing the MOST innocent and helpless face....etc), they allow us to check in, and of course our BIG luggage bag automatically become our hand luggage then, and we manage to go into the flight ontime....

And of course we arrive safely in Penang Airport....

Sigh, what an adventurous experience for me, so now i know i m quite blur recently and i will try to be more ALERT dy....

Ps: i wanted to blog about alot of things, but let me clear my blurness first, i think my mind and brain need some rest after all those hectic weekSS.....

Till then.

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Taking-a-bus-balik-kampung phobia

This post contain WORDS only, don read if u don like reading an essay..

Ok, i had warn u.........

Well, i had not been online these few days, because i FORGOT to pay the internet bill at my house in KL so cant online when i m in KL...Sigh..

Just a thought, yesterday my friend ask me a question,
"u prefer city life or town life?"

I really dono how to answer leh, when i m in city, i totally enjoy the vibriant lifestyle here, but when i go back to my hometown, i like the peaceful life here.... I miss my hometown alot when i m in KL, but i miss KL life when i m in my hometown..

Maybe this a good thing, as ALOT of city ppl cant adapt well in a town but a small town girl like me have no problem living in BOTH city and town..

Ok,may be i should discuss abot it next time. and YEAH, my 4 days in KL is fun, not that productive, but AGAIN, alot of things happen (as usual).


Friday, i went out in the afternoon, and guess what, THE BUS SPOILT HALF WAY in the HIGHWAY...well, this my first time experience this, waiting at the roadside at the highway, dono where on earth is the ground i m standing at, and watching BIG cars and small cars passing by...
Luckily i went with my dear friend, siew Wen, both of us got partner.

And on the bus, both of us find out that we will attend the SAME seminar tomorow, what a coincidence..


Saturday, morning go IMU settle all my things (eg,library fine, help my friend take her result slip, printing some document...etc..)
afternoon went to a seminar as a VOLUNTEER. This is the seminar that both me and siew wen find out that we actually will meet again here while chatting on the bus yesterday.

Ok, this is my 1st time to become a volunteer, and yeah, i saw Hannah Yeoh and Edward Ling, the ADUN of Subang Jaya and her politic secretary. WOW... the ADUN's speech really AMAZING!!!

Oh, it was not a political seminar, don worry, i know i m still under University Act... and i don wan to get an warning letter from my uni for involving in politics...


Sunday, went KLCC, watched 'Get Smart' with my another friend, then the rest of the day spend ironing the MOUNTAIN of clothes that i left uniron in KL when i got back hometown last week.


Monday, morning went for the feedback on my End of Semester Exam, and when it comes to taking a bus back n fro my hometown, something must happen, and yes,


What i can remember now is i was so anxious in the LRT station when i knew that i m gonna to be late, and that LRT still arrive at my station so late, and when i reach Pudu Raya Station, the bus had left, means my bus ticket is wasted!!!

Sigh, no choice, i had to buy another bus ticket to go back hometown, so i ended up sitting at Puduraya bus station for >1 hours just to wait for another bus!!
Ok, i m not gonna to let this happen again, if so many things keep on happen when i went back to my hometown or go to KL, i will develope a kind of syndrome call "Taking-a-bus-balik-kampung phobia", and i hope i wont get that...

OMG, i m suppose to sleep now, cause i m flying off to Kuching tomorow.

Till then.

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4th July

is American Independent day (i never check the accuracy ok, heard from Dr Thani one..)

And it really a long day for me.

Surprisingly i wake up so early this morning (Ya, even my mum oso cant believe that)..
Not because i want to wake up, is because i really cant sleep AT ALL..
Now i know what's the meaning of INSOMIA, i m trying so hard to sleep and forget all the doubts and suspends, but i just cant sleep!!!

Ohh, yesterday i still sleep till miss the class gathering and didnt hear my friends reminding call, today i cant sleep at all...sigh..

Ok, 10am pass dy......so tonight i shall sleep well..

All the best for all my IMU-mate in the result taking.

-----Just let me EMO-ing sometime, till then--------
*...Ignore the rest of this post...*

Another 2 random photo....
this photo is for yvloi sake, I DIDNT WEAR IT WHEN I TAKE THE PHOTO

This photo remind me of my long long hair...
Ok, THEY R NOT MY CHILDREN, they r my church members' cute kids...

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We cant deny the importance of handphone in our life...

After 1 week without my samsung hp, where i store all my friends phone no inside, i kind of realize how important is to have ur own hp..
(Call me careless girl, forgot to bring back both laptope and hp charger back when going back to hometown...)

Then recently, when my friends sms me, i need to take a very very long time to realize who is the one on the other side of the phone.. cause i cannot memorize most of my friend hp no (exp the easiest memorized yvloi phone no...)

Felt so sorry for them...plus i m still not used to the cheap-china-making PDA phone, so sometime, i really took a very very long time to reply those msg..(ask wazit...)

So the msg is: used the brain that God created for you to memorize all ur friends phone no so u wont get panic when ur hp is not working.....

Ok, enough for my carelessness, this the cheap-china-making PDA phone and my expensive-korea-making-samsung phone, cant believe my hp actually more expensive than the PDA phone.....
The BIG PDA phone and my SMALL + NICE samsung hp...

Next 2 photos are random, just upload for fun....
Ok, this the small laptope i told yvon...4Gb only, small leh...

This is where small town "youngster" (they really young ok) normally hang up...
While city children's time is full of tuition + piano lesson + ballet + drawing lesson + violin lesson + swimming + more tuition, the town children have much more time to spend, so they will hang up at some food stall....
I took this when i went lunch with my mum yesterday, those children are all primary school children, they came here by their bicycle, buy aiskacang n junk food here, then went "shot gei" (means cycle around the town) or fishing at the longkang....ITS TRUE ok, i witness with my own eye...

Kind of random, but this my hometown, n i m proud that i came from this town....but i didnt hang out like those children when i m young (cause i m a good girl?! =P...lol...)

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