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Rotation at Gombak

Gombak is fun!!

JHEOA=Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli

I think this the most relaxing rotation!!!

And Dr Sasikala bring us to waterfall....
The waterfall

Before reaching there, i saw this..

um got one pusat pengajian di Gombak one ar!! i bet those um students oso dono about this lar...

And the 5 of us going with the same car..
Syaz, Vanessa, Nicholas, Siew Kim, Qian Hui
All very FUN person !!!

Lastly, the funniest photo i took on that trip...

Dono what happen to khee lung..... Wei, only an anti-tetanus injection, no need to be so scare lar.....

lol...*er, actually he is just posing*

All the best study guys...

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