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Err, suddenly felt abit hyper, so took some photos...

Ok, i m not a LOA blogger, hahaha, just that i realize that i had not put up my photos in my blog for quite some time dy, so put up these photo to SS lar.....


Another Poser

Sigh, i m going to be flooded by books like this again.....

this is the papa patho and famous kumar n clark....

And NO, i didnt study that at this time of course, i study Notes only ok, and its enough to make me sick!!!

Er, ya, i know i look abit weird,
Still cant forget the LLOOOUD laugher of Van, Nicholas, SKim, Syaz when i told them my simple accident experience!!....i dont know that such a simple motorcycle accident will bring so much laughter to those city friends.....haiz, this is something that a girl coming from small TOWN can never understand....

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